What to Write in Wedding Thank You Cards

What to Write in Wedding Thank You Cards

The task of having to write wedding thank you cards can be significant and the thought of not knowing what to say can be troublesome. If you’ve got a big stack to write, there are a few key points that you can hold onto when getting them together. Many times, thank you cards are one of the final things a newlywed does before turning the page on their wedding day, it’s not a bad problem to have when so many people care about you. So don’t sweat it.


Thanks the Guests for the Gift


The main purpose of a wedding thank you card is to thank the guests. If they have provided you with a physical gift, be sure to mention it in your wedding thank you card. If the gift was financial in nature, there is no need to mention the amount of money given, however, be sure to thank them for the general ‘gift’ given. Though you should keep the note-writing fun for yourself, thanking a guest for their gift is something that can’t be forgotten. The guests who are accustomed to receiving these types of thank-yous will arguably be expecting such a sentence in their letter.


Thank the Guests for their Attendance


If the guest attended your wedding ceremony and/or reception, be sure to thank them for dropping in. Particularly if it’s a destination wedding, if they took the time to get dressed up and to make the financial sacrifices to be there, that says a lot about the value they place on you.


 Personalize it 


After thanking a guest for their attendance and their gift, the rest of the thank you note writing can be somewhat creative and definitely personalized. With each note, there is an opportunity to communicate something meaningful to guests while being thoughtful and classy. At a bare minimum, a thank you note is just a thank you. At their best, they can reflect how much a friend or loved one means to you, thanking them for adding to your big day and for simply being a part of your life. This type of thank you is essential and arguably more important than any sort of tradition invested into wedding thank you notes. This is an opportunity to take care of the people who mean most to you and to show them appreciation.


Beyond these things, there’s not much else to remember and/or to consider. Obviously, you want to ensure that you have enough stationery to complete your thank-you notes and also be weary as it pertains to having the right mailing addresses of family and friends. Keep in mind the stamps you’ll need, on this point. Also, it is good etiquette to send wedding thank-you notes within three months of the wedding. An ideal time window to aim for, you don’t want to fall far too much outside of that if you don’t have to. The only point to mention is to try to spread out the thank you note-writing over multiple days and maybe even divvy it up between both partners. That way, you can keep the task light and fun.

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