What to ask a wedding photographer?

What to ask a wedding photographer?

What To Ask A Wedding Photographer


Having gone through the nightmare of preparing the other details of the wedding, it now comes to the final phase of the wedding preparations and it’s now time to hire a wedding photographer for the upcoming and most awaited grandiose and extravagant event. We already quite know how significant the role is of a photographer in occasions like these because photos are the only things that can immortalize every single moment that has occurred on that special day.

You’ve done everything there is finding the perfect photographer for the wedding and you are down to the three (3) best choices, the next big step to be done is to set up a meeting and an interview with them so you could finally make the ideal choice. This personal meeting with the photographer gives you and your fiancé a chance to assess whether both of you and the photographer have a connection and if the personalities of both parties mesh. It is important that you and your partner realize that the photographer you will hire will be working with you for at least eight (8) hours during the entire wedding ceremony and celebration so you have to feel comfortable around them and be able to communicate with them conveniently.

Easy as it may seem, but it definitely isn’t an easy task to interview potential wedding photographers. You really have to be prepared with the most significant subjects to help you make the difficult decision. Here are some of the most important things that you should ask the three (3) best photographers who made it in your shortlist before selecting who is fit for the job:

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availability for your wedding

Are you available on my wedding day?

This is the very first question that you need to ask the photographer otherwise if he is booked on that day then there won’t be s need to ask all other questions that you have prepared for the interview.

meeting your photographer before the wedding

Will you be the photographer who would cover my wedding? If not, would it be possible to meet with the photographer before the wedding?

It is very important to ask these questions because some photography companies have a lot of wedding photographers in line to cover different occasions and you might be surprised that the one you interviewed will not be the one who would actually shoot the photos.

meeting your photographer before the wedding

 Is photography your primary business? How much percentage of wedding photography do you cater?

It is imperative to know if the photography company you are planning to hire for your wedding is stable and if they really have the expertise in wedding photography because this will be one of their best assets to prove that they are efficient in handling the job. If they have been doing wedding photography for quite a long time and their clients are satisfied, then they will be able to make a great contribution to your nuptials.

wedding photography reviews

 How long have you been doing wedding photography? Are there references and reviews that I can see?

This question would elicit a response that could be indicative of the wedding photographer’s skills and experience. Because of this, the issue about the pricing may also be brought up because more experienced wedding photographers do charge more than the amateurs. To answer the second question, it would be a great idea to read some reviews online or inquire from previous clients.

wedding locations

Have you ever shot weddings at our location?

It may be of great relief if you know that the wedding photographer that you are planning to hire has worked and knows the people in the venue where you are planning to hold your wedding. And if in case the wedding photographer hasn’t worked in that particular location, it would be great to ask if he’s willing to visit the venue before the wedding date so that he could familiarize himself with the layout and outline of the place.

back up photographer

Do you have any contingency plans if in case you won’t be able to be at the wedding to take photographs?

In some instances, only a representative of the wedding photography company will be attending the preliminary meeting with you; it would be best to schedule a follow-up meeting with the photographer present. It would be better to ask the photographer directly about his plans just in case there are emergencies where he could not be at the wedding. These photographers should have an established backup plan so that there won’t be any hassle finding a replacement due to unforeseen situations. The photographer’s response to this query would definitely reveal their persona and professionalism and by this, you would be confident that you are making a perfect choice.

wedding photography styles

What wedding photography styles do you specialize in?

This is another important question that you should not miss asking because this will be one of the deciding points whether to hire a particular wedding photographer or not. Before actually looking for a wedding photographer, you should have already chosen a wedding photography technique that suits your taste, preference and personality. However, photographers of today most commonly use a mix of all the different styles and they are very versatile when it comes to photography approach and concepts.

insurance for your wedding photographer

Do you have insurance?

It is important that you ask if the wedding photographer is covered with proper insurance as this will protect not just the photographer from work-related injuries, but as well as the equipment he uses from theft. It’s best if the photographer you will hire is insured because they can provide liability protection just in case some people get into an accident when they trip because of the equipment or any connecting cords that the photographer installed in the wedding venue.

terms and conditions of wedding photos delivery

When will all the photos be done and when will the wedding album be sent to me? Do I get the digital copies as well?  Are there any watermarks on the photos

The target date would be to have everything ready before you return from your honeymoon vacation. However, the initial layout of the wedding album should be seen and approved by you before the final printouts are made. And yes, most photography companies provide their clients with digital copies of the image so that it would be convenient to share them in social media platforms and send copies to family and friends via email.

wedding photographer contract

Will there be a contract provided and if so, will I be given a copy?

A lot of photography companies don’t usually make contracts for their clients. If this is the case, then you should be the one to initiate and ask the photographer for a contract of the entire coverage of their services, the costing as well as the provisions and resolutions for the termination of the agreement. The contract protects both the client and the photographer and a photographer who prefers to have a contract created will be a perfect choice

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 Wedding Photography style

Every wedding couple has their preferred photography style. One way to find the right wedding photographer for your special day is to check out their photography style in their portfolio. As of today, there are four styles of wedding photography. These are:

o Traditional photography – The goal of this style is to produce a classically timeless photo. To employ this, the photographer enlists and directs the wedding couples to do several poses in each shot. A lot of time is spent in traditional photography especially on engagement sessions to ensure that all the details are met.
o Documentary photography – This style of photography is about “people being people” wherein the pictures clearly depict the organic emotions of the people. This is often referred as photojournalism because it clearly reflects the emotion of the people rather the extravagant background and the surroundings.
o Fine art portraiture – This style of photography is said to be distinct. It requires great attention to the detail in order to produce unique portraits that could best describe the personality of the wedding couples. The goal of such style is to create a mood which makes the portrait a good representational and stylized reference of the wedding couple.
o High Fashion Photography – This photography style is best for wedding couples who wants to flaunt their way of living. It uses dramatic lighting techniques and requires the subjects to strike dramatic poses.