Toronto Wedding Transportation Basics: How to Achieve a Great Wedding Ride Experience

Wedding Transportation In Toronto Basics: How to Achieve a Great Wedding Ride Experience.


Wedding Transportation

Transportation is another important thing for the wedding, right? It is important that the bride is riding in a stunning vehicle for she is the queen of the day and she has to arrive in a fabulously unique fashion than the others. Most brides ride a limousine with the bride’s party, it is not a tradition, but it is how a typical wedding goes.

The grand entrance of the bride will be as successful as you want it to be, only if it is planned well.

Here are some basic wedding transportation tips in Toronto:

  • Decide what car you need
  • Do you need a limousine, a vintage ford sedan, a boat or anything you think can be useful for transportation? To make it easy for you to decide here are some questions to help you:

Is it a big or a small bride’s party?

Do you want it to be classic or modern?

Do you prefer black, white or your favorite color?

It merely depends on what do you want to happen, for example you want to have a different kind of car for the bride and her bridal party, a car to drop the both of you in the reception and a getaway car after the wedding. Take your time deciding on what you really want.

  • Book a car as soon as possible
  • Make sure it looks good on your Toronto wedding photos
  • After deciding what car you need on your wedding, help yourself and make the bookings with your trusted car company. It is better if you will book them 4 to 6 months before the wedding, to ensure that you will get your desired kind of car
  • Book it personally
  • Nowadays, most people are likely to make a reservation over the internet or phone, but it is not preferable. You might not understand each other well
  • Add extra half hour time for each trip
  • It is better to have extra minutes for every trip because you might encounter traffic or it can be more helpful if you will research if there is an event during that day to estimate what time and how much time you need to reach the venue
  • Make your Bridal car extra Luxurious
  • It is your day; it is your time to feel the pleasure a queen should feel. Request for a kind of Champagne and the kind of music you love. You can even ask the driver to dress up like a queen’s chauffer
  • Clear everything with the company
  • Tell the company that you are willing to pay for the waiting time and tell them any suggestions and expectations to avoid misunderstandings
  • Get an unusual souvenir photo with your getaway car
  • It is unusual and a cool thing to do, but, make sure you asked the company’s approval before decorating and doing anything crazy in the car

Getting married is truly a long preparation and it is really tiring to fix and organize everything right before your wedding. Don’t you worry about the expenses and the efforts you have exerted because in the long run, it will all be worth it.