What To Look For In A Toronto Wedding Photographers Portfolio

Important Aspects To Look At When Looking For A Wedding Photographer in Toronto

The wedding is a big industry that finding a vendor that will provide you the services you need becomes daunting. From wedding planners to wedding dress designers up to wedding photographers, you have to deal a long list before you will be able to find the right person for the job.


However, if there’s one vendor you should not just pick because it’s cost-efficient, that is a wedding photographer.


A wedding photographer in Toronto is responsible in documenting every unfolding moment of your wedding. Rather than orchestrate the scenario, they let everything happen and just find the right time to photograph one of the seeming highlights of your big day. Any emotions, actions, symbols or scenarios that bear significance to the event are being captured by the wedding photographer. And that is their job.


Snap every memorable moment that you will not be able to see at the same time and preserve it in a form of a photo to cherish for a lifetime.

But when it comes to the quality of the photo, it all depends on the techniques used by the wedding photographers. Note that photographers are not all the same despite the fact that they use the same equipment.


Every photographer has their distinct style that makes them unique from mediocre photographers. They don’t just snap photos for the sake of getting the job done, they capture moments that is worth to keep. And to further highlight that piece of the moment, they use their photography skills and polish it during the post-processing of the pictures.

And by looking at the portfolios of many wedding photographers, you will surely have a hard time choosing which one will cover your wedding because of their breath-taking shots.


Wedding photography portfolios is a collection of images that photographers have worked on from their previous clients. Most of the pictures included in their folios are deemed the best and displays the expertise of the photographer. More than that, it reflects the style of photography of the vendor.


But if you feel lost in selecting which one, take the time to read and learn what wedding photography qualities you should be looking at in the portfolios of wedding photographers for you to be able to determine which in your bucket list deserves the job.

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Variety of Wedding Portfolio

The diversity in skills of a wedding photographer can be seen on how they have handled the variations of light, the conditions of the weather and the surroundings in order to produce high-quality photos that have a life.


When you look in a wedding photographer’s folio, what you should be able to see is a mix of images of different setting and scenario. It does not focus in one subject or one event. To know if certain wedding photographer can handle even the extremes, it is best to look for the indoor and outdoor photos, the photos in backlit and low light, pictures that display smiles and candid emotions, individual and group photos as well as images that depict action, movement and facial expressions.


Be cautious with photographers who say that they only specialize in shooting pictures in natural light and that they don’t do photography in indoor weddings. That is because it only shows that their photography skills are limited and that they don’t know how to snap pictures in a range of lighting.


For you to achieve diversity in your wedding pictures, it is best to hire a wedding photographer that has a wide experience in the capturing picture in all types of lights and knows how to manipulate them cleverly to be able to produce high-quality wedding photos.

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Candid Emotions Captured

There’s a big difference between pictures that were just snapped after saying “cheese” for the sake of getting the job done and pictures taken in a non-invasive way as if the photographer is just one of the guests witnessing every crucial moment of the wedding.


The wedding is an event that is filled with emotion that photographers should be able to artistically capture. Failure to preserve important moments of the wedding through pictures is like painting an image in a canvas then left unfinished. And this should not be the case.


That is because the wedding is a once in a lifetime event and it is important that all of the memories of that day is well documented – even the adoring look in the eyes of the wedding couples to each other.

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Quality of Photos Delivered

Provided that you are not an expert in photography, but after seeing several portfolios of the wedding photographer, you will get the gist on what to expect on your wedding photograph. And for you to be able to get quality photos, what you should hire is a professional wedding photographer that has been in the industry for several years.


As you browse the portfolio of the photographer you will be able to distinguish quality photos from mediocre ones. If you spot one, expect that your wedding photos could result to low-quality photos. That is because all of the pictures included in the portfolio of the photographers are their best work.


Keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. So when you look for wedding photographers choose the one that is within your budget but could offer you the best quality of wedding photos.

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Story Behind Your Photos

The pictures will only be worth keeping if it can tell you a story that reminds you of those happy moments in the wedding. And if you see this in the portfolio of the wedding photographer, you should hire them.


Creating a story in a single image is not as easy as one…two…three…


A picture will only have the ability to tell a story if the wedding photographer has managed to capture the right moment. A picture that could tell a story are the ones that makes you pause and wonder – where a lot of flashbacks comes in your mind and you can’t help yourself but smile or shed a tear.

 Wedding Photography style

Every wedding couple has their preferred photography style. One way to find the right wedding photographer for your special day is to check out their photography style in their portfolio. As of today, there are four styles of wedding photography. These are:

o Traditional photography – The goal of this style is to produce a classically timeless photo. To employ this, the photographer enlists and directs the wedding couples to do several poses in each shot. A lot of time is spent in traditional photography especially on engagement sessions to ensure that all the details are met.
o Documentary photography – This style of photography is about “people being people” wherein the pictures clearly depict the organic emotions of the people. This is often referred as photojournalism because it clearly reflects the emotion of the people rather the extravagant background and the surroundings.
o Fine art portraiture – This style of photography is said to be distinct. It requires great attention to the detail in order to produce unique portraits that could best describe the personality of the wedding couples. The goal of such style is to create a mood which makes the portrait a good representational and stylized reference of the wedding couple.
o High Fashion Photography – This photography style is best for wedding couples who wants to flaunt their way of living. It uses dramatic lighting techniques and requires the subjects to strike dramatic poses.