Forget-me-not: Wedding Day Essentials In Toronto

Forget-me-not: Essential things to remember in your wedding day in Toronto

wedding day essentials

Wedding preparations are indeed, time consuming, especially if the wedding couples are hands-on in planning their dream wedding. From the couple’s wardrobe to the venue of the wedding, everything should be according to the plan and on schedule. However, no matter how detailed every preparations were, chances happen when couples still forget some important things, and before they could do something about it, it’s already too late.

In order to prevent these last minute may-days, here are some details that every couple forget about the wedding day and should be remembered by soon-to-be husbands and wives to get it all covered – completely;

Bringing an overnight bag:

No matter how tiring the day was, it is still essential to remove the makeup, brush teeth and other hygiene regimen. It would be helpful to bring an overnight bag that includes all of the toiletries, medications and changes of clothes needed.

Keeping a Timeline at hand:

wedding couples might know every detail of the ceremony, however, keeping a timeline to track every activity is one way to make sure that everything runs according to the plan. Also, it would be better if all the vendors do have the copy of the timeline that are on the same page. This will allow your wedding photographer to stay on track as you travel around Toronto.

Appointing a person-in-charge during the wedding:

The hype in the wedding ceremony and the reception would probably make the wedding couples be occupied, so having a wedding planner to see things  or someone to help assist the couples will help ease the burden, just make sure that the vendor knows who’s the person-in-charge.

Preparing something to wear while prepping up:

In some cases before the wedding commences, as the bride or groom preps up for their wedding day, having something to wear is a must since they will be photographed as part of a wedding video. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but something that is easy to wear and worn out when the couple has to wear their wedding wardrobes for the ceremony.

Eating a meal before the wedding ceremony:

This is one of the most forgotten detail that every couple do – skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and missing it on the very wedding day could be troublesome. Though couples who will be married in less than a day or so experience butterflies in their tummies, still, it’s not an excuse to skip a breakfast. Unless they want to smell like paper when they speak or get unconscious because of hunger in the middle of the celebration.

Bringing Emergency Kits:

Emergencies can strike anytime no matter how prepared everyone in the party, specifically the couples. And so creating an emergency kit to save the day should include the following; stain stick, sewing kit, double-sided tape, band-aids, tissues and dental floss. Ask someone from a bridesmaid or a groom  to have it with them in case of urgent situation during the wedding event.

Having Extra-Shoes:

In every successful wedding, having a broken heel or flapping soles of the shoes is inevitable, especially if both couples were having a great time dancing with their loved ones. It is highly advised to keep an extra pair that will also match the attire so if ever a shoe problem strikes, there’s another pair to back up to keep the party grooving.
Making sure that everything is settling would surely make a wedding party memorable. Remember that crisis can be avoided if there’s a counter plan ready to prevent it.