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Top 5 Awe-Inspiring Wedding Venues in Toronto


Your wedding is one of the most significant events in your life. You are nervous about every little detail, including the caterers and the food. You have to make all the decisions that will help you and your partner have the wedding of your dreams. You trust your maid of honour, bridesmaids and groomsmen with most of the details of the wedding. However, with the venue, you have to be sure. 


There is one thing, especially that has been confusing you since your engagement – the venue. The place is one of the principal factors that will make your wedding an event to remember. It not only sets out the mood of the wedding but also enhances the ambience, the decor and how the whole wedding will turn out in your photo albums as well. It is therefore essential to take your time choosing your wedding venue. 

Toronto has various locations that are ideal for having that perfect wedding. Here is an impressive list of some of the best and most favourite venue picks among couples:

The Royal Conservatory of Music.

The Royal Conservatory of Music is a beautiful place of romance and elegance. The architecture is impressive and gives the photos a very antique look. One of the best things about the site is that it is close to the University of Toronto. It will help you take better pictures in the spacious grounds of the campus as well. You can also take a walk to Yorkville, which is close to it. You can make perfect pictures in the famous and iconic neighbourhood. It is not even that far away, so if you have a sunset wedding in mind, you can be back for that quite easily as well. It has enormous windows which help the sunlight seep in and make your photos all the more beautiful. The vast windows help in getting in light for pictures. Moreover, the architecture is modern with a hint of antique, making it extravagant. Furthermore, it is close to locations that are perfect for photoshoots.

Fermenting Cellar.

Having a fermenting cellar wedding is perfect! It is situated in the middle of Distillery District and is famous for its beautiful interior. The atmosphere, the ambience and the exterior make it an excellent choice. Couples enjoy walking around their alleyways to take photos before their wedding. The venue gives a very intimate feel, making the place something very personal for the pair. The Fermenting Cellar is a forever favourite known for its unique ambience as well as the interior design. Since it is in the heart of the Distillery District; it stands out among its competitors.

Shangri-La Toronto.

Shangri-La Toronto is one of the most famous places in Toronto. It has the perfect interior design and many types of cuisine. It is one of the few places that offers a hands-on downtown experience. Many couples like to take a tour around the hotel to get their pictures taken. These pictures show the hustle and bustle of the city of Toronto in the best way. The hotel has a beautiful entrance which is favourite among couples. If you want an outdoor shoot, do not worry. The spacious terrace adds to the beauty of the city, which will be seen in your pictures as well. The Shangri-La is very famous for its award-winning interior design. Moreover, it is a convenient location downtown. Furthermore, the interior design makes it a perfect place for all your wedding photos.

Château Le Parc.

The Château Le Parc is a spacious wedding venue located in the heart of the Vaughan region. It is not famous for being huge. It is also known for being close to the most magnificent conservation parks in the GTA. One of the best things about this venue is that it is black canvas. It is easy to transform the site into something of your choice. If you want a modern chic wedding, you can work with your event manager and make it so. You can have a romantic and elegant wedding depending on your decor as well. You can have at least 300 guests, making it the right place for your wedding! It has a lovely interior making it an excellent place to take all those pictures. The Chateau Le Par is famous for the beautiful white and gold interior design elements. The fact that it is enormous can help you have the big fat wedding of your dreams.

One King West Hotel.

The One King West Hotel is the place for you if you want something chic. It has an intricate architecture that will show in your pictures. The grand ballroom will enhance the beauty of your event. It is the perfect fit if you want to feel like modern royalty. The marble staircase with the hanging chandeliers will make an ideal corner to take your First Look pictures. The Chairman’s Boardroom is the best place to take your wedding photos. It is proper and has the perfect interior for amazing photographs. The wedding hall has the complete interior that will magnify your decorations. You can also ask your photographer to take pictures from the balcony. They will look like pictures from a magazine. The tasteful architecture will compliment your wedding decor. The elegant and photogenic rooms make it the best place to take your photographs. The venue is perfect because it has a variety of photo locations within a single site.


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