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Destination Wedding Photographer - FAQs and Helpful Tips


A wedding being one of the most important events of one’s life can be very puzzling. Finally, starting your life together with the one person you love most, it is very demanding as well. Taking care of the chores to attend to the guests, it’s a lot of work.  Now double this. 


That is what a destination wedding is all about. A wedding in or near your house will feel more familiar, whereas at a destination wedding you have no idea about almost all the things you and your guests need. Adding up to the chaos, choosing a vendor is as it is difficult, but choosing a photographer in a new place can be problematic. A photographer is a very important part of your wedding, someone who has to make everlasting memories for you and with you.  


Here are some questions you would want to ask a destination photographer: 


Will the photographer travel to my destination?

The photographers are always ready to travel in and around the country, especially if the area is closer to where they are. if it is out of Canada, it might be a little expensive since the photographer will have to bring their equipment and their team members as well.

Most photographers do like to travel around the world and would never miss such an opportunity. There might be some who would have some genuine reason, such as a health condition.

Either way, you should make sure to discuss where you are going, how long your stay will be and where you will stay, clearly with the photographer, so there are no discrepancies.

What will it cost?

The one thing that does create chaos in destination weddings is the budget itself. If you plan to stay near your residence, then usually there is no need for the photographer to get a room in a hotel. If the area is far away from where they are based, your cost will automatically increase.

Once you have decided where you want to go for the wedding and if it is away from the area where the photographer is placed, you will have to take care of their travel tickets and their food, room rent, and other taxes.

If you are travelling out of Canada, you will have to take care of their travel ticket and their visas, special entry fees, equipment travel and their stay in the same hotel as yourself! This might add to your budget to the next level.

All these are exclusive of the actual packages they charge for the photography they do. Thus, making it all the more expensive.

Should I fly out my photographer or hire someone local from there?

When considering which photographer to hire, it is obvious that you have taken help from family, friends and their experiences with the said photographers. You feel like you can trust them as well.

Secondly, you shall choose someone who understands you and your style and can put that in your wedding photography. With a local, you can visit them as many times before deciding whether to choose them or not and look at their already printed albums as well to get a better idea of what you are getting into.

With a local photographer, you will not want to take a chance and risk not even knowing who the photographer is? What if they are not professional, and you end up having nobody to take your pictures on your wedding day. You must be very particular about whom you choose if you are hiring one from the destination.

Furthermore, taking someone who understands your style is obviously better. What if the locals from there do not understand what you want from him? Moreover, there might be an added disadvantage of a foreign language, such as Turkish or Arabic, you or your family and friends might not be fluent in.

How many hours should I book with my photographer?

Since you have chosen a photographer to cover your destination wedding and have travelled with you, why not use their services to the fullest! It’s not like you are just travelling for a day or so.

Talk to your photographer about anything and everything you plan to do during your wedding days. You would obviously want all the events covered. So, if you have a girl’s night or a Team Bride v Team Groom handball match, make sure the photographer takes pictures of all these events as well.

Even though you probably already have gotten an engagement shoot done, why not use up the time and space and have another photoshoot at the destination before the wedding. This will not only help you become comfortable with the photographer, but you will be able to find all the more little spots for your wedding shoot.

Is there anything else that I would have to take care of for the photographer?

It is unlikely that a Visa to any country in the world gets rejected with a Canadian Passport. However, there may be issues that you will need to cater to.

Make sure, beforehand, that everyone on the team has Visas that expire no less than six months after you travelled back. Moreover, you need to check if any legal documents such as licensing procedures or insurance are needed in the country you are travelling to.

You must make sure that your photographers have everything they need to make your day a memorable one for you and your partner! 


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