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5 Ideas And Tips For Winter Engagement Photos


Engagement is the start of your life with your partner. You are happy and excited. You both are very much in love. Nobody wants to forget such a wonderful time, which is why you don’t want to miss a chance of announcing your engagement in the perfect way possible. There is one little problem, though. The weather is cold, and your dreams of a complete outdoor shoot are not fulfilling. 

Engagement Photos and Winters:

The weather is as low as -20 degrees. There is snow everywhere. Children are building their snowmen. Everyone is lazy. The sun barely shines anymore. The whole ambience shouts gloom and depression. You cannot go out without packing yourself in warm clothes; otherwise, you will freeze. How will you take those perfect engagement photos that you have always wanted? Here are five beautiful ideas and tips that can make winter be a blessing in disguise for your engagement photos:

Snowy Photos on the Beach:

Who doesn’t love the beach? It is a vast area of land that is bordered by serene water. It isn’t very different in the winters, either. Just that, that massive chunk of the ground is covered deep in the snow while the gushing water has turned quiet and transformed into the magnificent layer of ice!
A beach is a great place to have a shoot both in the summers and winters. Take your hiking boots with you, a rug and a travel mug full of tea. You can wear your best Parachute jackets and your favourite kicks.
A lot of people choose their engagement shoot to happen on the beach in the summers. You can be the first among your friends to start a legacy of having it done in the winter snow.
Use the calm, white sea as the background for your photos. Your friends will surely be in awe.

Winter Wonderland in the Countryside:

If you are one of those couples who love driving up north, this is the perfect idea for you. The countryside is beautiful all year round, especially in the winter. It is one place where the sun shines brightly over the glistening snow.
The countryside is romantic and beautiful. Your engagement pictures will look amazing here. Feel free to take a tent and set up a little fire at dusk. You can also wait to have these pictures taken under the stars in this setting.
If you have been to the countryside before and have had your share of picnics there, you know the props you can take with you. Wear your favourite backpack or get into the snow and make snow angels. It is your engagement shoot, so you should have the most fun making it happen.

Home Alone:

You and your partner got your first house together, right before you got engaged. Ever since you got engaged, this place has become all the more special to you. You and your partner have set up every nick and corner of each room together and made new memories on the way. You plan to start your family very soon and build your lives in this very house. Why not have your engagement pictures taken here as well?
You can have your shoot done in your favourite parts of the house. Place a little rug in front of your fireplace and capture away! You can add a couple of coffee mugs as props as well. These pictures will turn out cozy and give out the exact amount of warmth that you need.
You can also have your pictures taken while doing activities around the house. For example, you and your partner love cooking together. Set up a little pancake on the kitchen counter and get effortless photographs.
Moreover, if you and your partner are generally lazy, having a photoshoot done in your pyjamas can be an excellent idea. It will show how you both enjoy each other’s company while putting comfort before anything else.

Backyard Fun.

You have always dreamt of having a snowball fight. But, unfortunately, never got the chance to get to it. Having your backyard will make that possible as well. You have always imagined your photoshoot to be wholesome, so this is the way you can do that. Wear your best jackets and gloves and get yourself bright coloured earmuffs. You can then pave yourself into one of your best moments with your partner.
If you don’t want such an informal shoot to depict your engagement, there is an alternative. You can use these same jackets and attire but instead of having that snowball fight. Wrap yourself around your partner. Feel free to hug and kiss them, warming each other up. These will be some of your most romantic and natural-looking photos.

Dress to impress.

Winter is all about dressing fancy with snow around you. It can be a fantastic idea to dress up in your best evening gowns and your expensive tuxedos and find yourself taking those great pictures. You can change your clothes, from having a little theme such as Frozen to dressing up as classy in your favourite velvet gown.
You can choose to wear heels under your dress, but remember to wear heel stoppers so that you do not find yourself embedded in snow. It will help you walk around with ease in those layers of snow.
Since you have dressed up and aimed for that fairytale photoshoot, why not pose a little as well? Put on some music and have a slow romantic dance with your partner. You will never get over the mood and feel of this shoot and will be reminded of this peaceful moment every time you look at these pictures.


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