Why Should You Do A First Look

The first look of your significant other before or during your wedding is monumental. It’s up to the couple whether they want a first look before the wedding or during the ceremony. Regardless of what you choose, it is an amazing wedding photography idea. The reaction of your spouse will be cherished for years to come.

For those considering a first look photo session, resizing and optimizing your images for different uses can enhance the quality and impact of your memories, consider this option and if you are confused about why you should do a first look, here are some reasons why. 

first look

More pictures to enjoy.

The purpose of the first look is to see your partner’s reaction. And what better way to have the save the moment for years to come, than with a professional picture. This also allows you to get many of those creative first look pictures. Having too many pictures is a myth, especially when it’s your wedding day. A first look can be documented in reality but can also be staged a bit for your social media. Even if your significant other can’t hold back their tears, the authenticity of the photographs will be magical.

The best part is that it will be entirely up to you. If there’s a specific kind of first look picture you wish to recreate, the photographer will be more than happy to assist you. 

wedding day first look

A different background.

Your first look also provides the photographer with the opportunity to capture the bride and groom in a different and preferably outdoor place. The photographer can explore unique options for lighting, focusing and even cinematography. Variation will look exceptional in the wedding album. Similar places can get bland pretty quickly. Especially if there are only a few allocated spots to get the perfect essence of the venue. This discrete location can add a pop of colour if it’s outdoors. You can select a location that is aesthetic yet closer to your ceremony venue. This will save you the time and cost of reaching the venue. 

Some time away from the spotlight.

The first look gives you the chance to express all those surreal feelings. Moreover, you don’t want to go into your wedding with smeared makeup or a puffy face from crying. The first look is great as it holds its own importance at the wedding. It also means you don’t have the added pressure of standing in front of all your guests. The thought of all those eyes staring at you can be intimidating and can affect your first look. You can take your time with the first look and the emotions that follow afterwards without feeling awkward. 

Slow down the fast-paced wedding.

It can often feel like the wedding is going by too fast, especially when it’s your own. The planning takes months, yet the execution feels like minutes. Therefore the first look is meant to really grasp the moment. To let it all sink in and see your partner in their wedding outfit, all dressed up. It’s one of the most beautiful glimpses meant to take you away from all the stress and havoc. The first look will create the most memorable wedding photographs. It is one part of the event that is meant for the couple alone. A first look becomes a great way to share your wedding photos to the world. 

wedding day first look

Following an age-old tradition.

For many people, the first looks are part of a great tradition, it makes an amazing wedding videography shot too! Even if you don’t follow any customs, you can create one for your own posterity. The first look is the most overwhelming part for the couple that gets married. One may fall in awe of their significant other’s reaction. It shows how much the person you are marrying means to you. The bride can think of creative ways to surprise her groom for the first look as well. There are numerous viral videos on first looks. You never know, yours might be the next.  

first look on wedding day

A token of love.

Believe it or not, the first look generates love. There is nothing more gratifying than finding someone you love that you can spend the rest of your life with. The first look is, therefore, a representation of how rewarding it is to marry your partner. It can also save you from being nervous at the altar. No matter if you choose to keep it simple or personalized. Your wedding photographs will be everlasting. Not only do first looks make a statement of love, but they are also the most unforgettable. 

Think about The lights.

Lights play a pivotal role in any wedding. And while an outdoor wedding may seem like a dream in terms of lighting, it can turn into a nightmare if there are any delays and the sun starts to set.
You, as a videographer, need to think about all these things when going to the wedding and need to have lighting options that attach to your camera in case you need it, whether it’s outdoors or indoors. The best bet, in this case, is something nice and handheld like an LED.
You may also want to talk to your clients beforehand and prepare for the day in advance, but that goes for all the necessary tools, not just lights.

More time to spend with your friends and family.

If you do a first look before the actual ceremony, you can interact more with the guests. Of course, the first look is more exclusive to just the bride and groom. So if you include it in the ceremony, it would take up a lot of the time. It is better to save your first look for earlier, to make sure your guests also feel included on your special day.

Share a drink before you make the next appearance.

Lastly, first looks are distinctive because it’s just you and your partner. You and your partner can share a private toast to your commitment, love, or wedding. Perhaps you need a little snack before you meet everyone at the ceremony. It’s that extra boost of energy that can later become a funny story. If you don’t feel like having anything to eat or make a toast, you can just sit and talk. Brides and Grooms never really get the time to connect during the wedding. Everything is a whirlwind, and within a blink of an eye, it’s over. So it’s better to savour every moment. 

So now you know the significance of the first look. It is one of the many moving parts of the wedding that creates stunning photographs. After all, within all the laughter and joy, happy tears stand out the most.