Why Do Wedding Photographers and Videographers Wear Black


If you have been to a wedding, it’s pretty easy to spot a wedding videography crew from the rest of the guest party. They are the ones dressed in all black bustling around. Have you ever wondered why they wear black? A fair assumption would be that it was their uniform, but you will notice that almost all wedding videographers have a similar outfit, and more often than not, it’s all black. Let’s talk more about the reason why that’s the case.

why should photographers wear black

Why do wedding photographers and videographers wear black?

The main question that needs to be answered is, why do the videographers wear black? The answer to this isn’t the big revelation that you were hoping for. They wear it to look professional, have a dress code to differentiate themselves from the guests, and not take any attention away from the subject. Remember, being professional is a great way to market yourself. 

Colours for videographers.

Black isn’t the only colour that videographers can wear, though. While some companies do have a uniform, many have a general dress code of something that doesn’t attract attention. Thus, they steer clear of loud colours, bold patterns, or clothes that might create a distraction. Any clothes that might deter them from the main goal at hand are avoided at all costs.

Some colours that videographers do wear can be naturals such as shades of grey and white. They can also go for a little colour now and then, but they don’t go too far from the general colours. Also, it is best if the outfit is one solid colour from head to toe. It makes it easier to blend into the background.

Technical reasons for wearing black.

There are some technical benefits of wearing black, other than to avoid attention or getting mistaken for a guest. 

The first reason is the light. When taking photos, most of the light is reflected through the photographer or videographer onto the subject, and no one wants to see their reflection in the eyes or a shining yellow cast from the shirt they were wearing. Something like that could completely ruin the essence of the picture. Dark-coloured clothes prevent that from happening. They can comfortably stand in front of the subject and take loads of pictures without worrying.

Another benefit of wearing black at a wedding could be in the case of an emergency for photographers. Say the photographer wants to take a guest’s portrait, but the backlight is too much or somehow causing a disturbance. In that case, they could use their crew wearing a black shirt as a background, a sacrifice they would happily make for the perfect shot. With the color black, it is fairly easy to photoshop / color correct it to hide it from the audience’s viewing. 

A little side bonus, too, is that videographers and photographers work in tough conditions all day under harsh lights, and truth be told it can get really sweaty. Sweat patches aren’t the most appealing to look at, and the bride and groom definitely don’t want to be faced with that throughout the entire day. Black is pretty good at hiding those stains so they can go around wandering all day, completely carefree.


Accessories for photographers and videographers.

You should also remember that clothes aren’t the only thing that photographers and videographers take into consideration when planning a wedding shoot. Even accessories like their shoes and hats are meant to increase productivity and are not just personal statements.


The process of selecting the shoes doesn’t have any limitations; obviously, they do have to consider the fact that they will probably be on their feet all day. So comfort is key. They leave the pair of heels and go for the worn-in sneakers; it doesn’t matter if they don’t match.

Sometimes to take the perfect shot, they have to maneuver around, stand in mud, puddles, lay down in contorted positions, and much more; if the shoes can’t support them through it all, then that pair can’t be worn.


Many people wrongfully assume that the hats and caps worn by photographers and videographers are to look the part. In reality, it’s much more than that. The hats really do have a functional role, especially in outdoor weddings. You definitely don’t want your photographer messing up the perfect shot because he was squinting from the sun in his eyes. And suppose you’re walking down the aisle and the sun is directly shining above a photographer’s head. Not wearing a hat would actually deter them from doing their job.

Weather .

Weather can also have a huge impact on how the videographers dress. If it is an outdoor summer wedding, wearing an all-black outfit may get too hot. For those days, they can switch over to a more tan-coloured or white-coloured ensemble. 

If rain is predicted, maybe they will keep a raincoat ready in their backpack, they will most certainly have to work through the rain, bad weather can and will not stop a wedding. 
In rainy situations, be sure to find a photo shoot location that allows indoors photoshoot. 

Dress code.

Some weddings have a very specific and strict dress code, and while most of the time, it does not apply to the photographers and videographers, some couples prefer them to follow it as well.In those cases, a male should wear a suit, but it should be comfortable enough to move around in. They need to be able to have the full range in order to capture all the moments.

Women, on the other hand, can go for a modest dress, remember that it should be low enough that they don’t have any problems shooting from various angles, cause they might have to sit on the floor or even climb on top of a ladder to get the perfect click. Our team recommends heading to H n M and grabbing few black dress shirts. 


Hopefully, that gives a clear answer and understanding as to why photographers and videographers wear black at weddings. It isn’t just a part of their uniform; in reality, it serves a bigger purpose in making sure everything works smoothly on the day without a hitch.