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What is the point of wedding photographs without the bride and groom? One may want all the cameras focused on them for their big day. However, your guests, decor or even the venue play a significant role in your wedding. Thus, they deserve some recognition. As much as you want to be the center of attention, not all wedding photos have to include you. 

The essence of flowers.

Floral arrangements are always eye-catching. The various colour combinations and their mere presence reflect beauty. As a hand tie or Biedermeier bouquet, boutonnieres, floral hair crowns or even the flower girls with baskets of petals. Flowers are essential for your big day and thus should be part of your wedding photographs. Besides, if you have pictures of your bouquet, it will be much easier to have it remade if you want in later years. Of course, you will have your own photos with the bouquet in hand, but solo shots will come in handy for your wedding cinematography. Take away the first look at a unique wedding locations, the next important details on your wedding photography shot list will be the decoration. 


The aesthetics of the venue.

Even if your wedding photographer is already a professional who knows what pictures to deliver, it’s better to remind them. Your venue does act as a backdrop for every picture, so you might wonder if that’s enough? It’s not. Each venue has a specific appeal. Therefore, it’s almost necessary to get as many of those aesthetic outdoor and indoor shots. You can ask for specific close-ups or wide-angle shots that cover the whole venue as you prefer. 

wedding photos without you

The glory of the wedding cake .

The wedding cake is the second biggest impression your ceremony has on its guests; the first is always the bride. The cake can include customized treats with it like cookies, cupcakes, pastries or macaroons. This specific table will definitely need to be documented for its sweet attraction. The picture of the cake is one of those photos you will look back to that will fill your mouth with water, reminiscing its taste. You can also add a cute wedding topper, which is a representation of the bride and groom.

Catering clips.

The food served makes for ideal photographs. The photographer can capture the delicious food from an untouched buffet table or in the kitchen if you have separate serving. The menu you have is just as important! There’s a reason everyone takes a picture of their food right after its served. This food photography helps you visualize the edibles, and will come in handy if you ever want the same menu for another event. 

The decor is a statement.

There are two types of decors for your venue on your big day. Each is just as important as the other. The first is the ceremony decor. This type of decor pictures will need every bit of precision. From the lighting to the altar and even aisle runners have their significance. These are normally taken before the guests start arriving. It’s difficult to get a nice shot with people moving about. The stills make a big impact, just like the aisle markers and any other extra touch of decoration such as ribbons and bells.

The second will be the decor for the reception no matter how big or small the venue is. The reception decor will be captured in its elegance. You can have candles or table lamps, drapes from your ceiling, beautiful cutlery and glassware or even table runners. All of which make incredible options for some stellar pictures.

Accessories and pretty little things.

Why not add a modern flair to some of your pictures? A picture you can add to your social media feed as some staged behind the scene pictures. This photograph is one meant for the memories. You can add as many little things that you are using on your day as some little memories to horde. It can have your jewelry, a clutch, the groom’s cufflinks, the rings, perfume or even the wedding invite. These will all be the things that define your day, and you can look back onto to feel nostalgic.  Did we mention a wedding ring shot is definitely one of the best ways to share your wedding photos, especially during a wedding anniversary. 

Wedding dress solo.

Your wedding dress alone needs a portrait shot. It can be hung in front of a solid coloured wall, curtains, the bed or a wardrobe. It’s all about the dress. You spend an eternity looking for the perfect dress and spend a fortune on it, only to have it sit at the back in your wardrobe for the rest of your life. The last thing you could do is get a complete shot of it by itself in all of its prestige. Who doesn’t like a solo shot of a Vera Wang wedding gown? 

The legacy of the wedding shoes.

This type of photograph has been trending for several years. The shoes don’t get much attention on your wedding day. But for this particular photo, you can have the bride and groom’s shoes together as a beautiful symbol of marriage. It may seem a little foolish at first, yet it is a great little feature to add to the album of your wedding day’s pictures. 

Behind the ceremony.

Behind the scenes for a movie are always fun to watch. They’re the realist form of the entire film. The same goes for your ceremony. Your bridesmaids getting reading, the groom’s best men cracking jokes and being their natural selves are candid moments you will want to look back to. The laughter and smiles, the emotional tears shed by loved ones can always be included in your wedding album. These are some of the most priceless reactions that you will get from your closest friends and family. So you can ask your photographer to be on a lookout for any of these glimpses. 

That sums up some of the pictures that you will want in your wedding photographs. Even if it means that you won’t be a part of them, it’s not like you won’t have your own special moments in the guests’ eyes and the camera. So it’s okay to be a little selfless.