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As a bride, you have an innumerable amount of worries. From thinking about whether your maid of honour will be able to fulfil her duties to panicking about the cake being delivered on time, you have a lot on your hands. This is why having a good photography session and amazing pictures should be the least of your worries. 


There are always certain factors you can keep in mind to reduce your stress. Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself once you are ready to go in front of the camera for your photo shoot. 

Are the core elements of a great shoot being fulfilled?

The first thing you must be confident about is your mood! You should not look stressed out and look especially happy. It is certain that you have a lot of things going around in your head, but you have to throw them all out for a little while. If you panic, even a little, it will be evident on your face and consequently, your pictures. Just be yourself and enjoy the shoot. 


Secondly, the room’s lighting or area where you wish to take pictures must be substantial enough to take the pictures according to your choice and be satisfactory for the photographer. Having bad lighting will ruin the outcome of the pictures and make you look bad in them. This will, in turn, give the photographer a bad reputation as well since it is their job to request adjustments if something as technical as this happens.

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How much time should I allocate to getting ready in the morning?

You have to look your best on your wedding day! Whatever time you have in mind, add some more to it. For example, if you intend to take 2 hours to get ready, add maybe half an hour. This is because you should always be prepared. This doesn’t mean something will happen, but what if you have an emergency with your buttons and your gown takes a little longer to button up. You do not want to spend another hour being anxious about what could have happened or how late you are getting. It is always best to be prepared. Prepare the jewelries, and decorations for the photographers to shoot while you do your makeup. 


Furthermore, it is also a good idea to prepare your shoes and accessories ready beforehand, and if you have extra time, you can make sure that they complete your look the way you had always imagined.   

How should I prepare myself for my Portrait Section?

The most important asset to carry during your shoot is your smile! You need to be confident, obviously and feel excited. Find a wedding photography location that fits your style.  Once you have that, it becomes fun and easy for the photographer to take your pictures as they begin to enjoy the process with you. 

Another major issue that people tend to neglect is the fact that the area where the shoot is taking place has to be clean. If you are doing it in a room or a lounge, make sure that there are no unnecessary things, such as wine glasses or boxes placed around. Neither the photographer nor anyone from your party will have the time to clean the mess up, and you do not want a messy background in your photos. 

It is also a wonderful idea to bring along props such as your veil or some flowers into the shoot with you. They will give a more personal touch to the picture and bring out the best of you too! Remember adding a first look to your photo shoot adds a lot to creating candid wedding photography. 

What should I do if I feel uncomfortable in front of the lens? 

Most of the brides initially feel awkward coming in front of the camera because, more often than not, it is their first experience like this with a photographer. It is a great idea to give yourself privacy with the photographer. This way, you can discuss what you want in your pictures and not feel strange posing while everyone from your family looks at you. It may be a good idea to ask a bridesmaid to stay back, so you do not feel alone. After all, it is her job to help you through all the struggles during the wedding. 

Is there a way that I can loosen up?

The best way to keep yourself altogether is by hiring a wedding planner. They will do all the work for you, and you will not have to worry about the little arrangements that need to be made during the wedding procession. If you cannot afford a planner, divide duties among your friends and the bridesmaids so that you have the minimalistic amount of responsibility on your shoulders, and you do not have to worry about the small details. 


You should also be sure about not thinking of the camera or anything and everything that might go wrong during the wedding. Be sure to take some time off of everything and have a little heart to heart with your girlfriends, maybe have a glass of champagne. 


Relax and enjoy your wedding.

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Are there any bridal poses that I can take inspiration from?

      • Always angle your body to a certain degree and not look directly in the camera with a straight body. That will give a very fake and bold look, and you want to look natural, happy and at ease. 
      • Just smiling will not do the job. Feel happy and good, too, because it shows in the pictures. However, make sure you do not fake it. Laugh, smile and enjoy. Live in the moment. 
      • Keep changing your poses. If you have all your pictures in one pose, it will look fake. Change your poses, move around the room changing backgrounds. Sit for some pictures and stand for others. You will have a whole variety of pictures by the end of your shoot. 
      • Pretend that the camera is not there. Think of it as a moment between you and your partner only. Let it flow naturally.