wedding day raining tips

Wedding Day Raining Tips


The picture-perfect wedding might be stressful for you to imagine if you are in a city as unpredictable as Toronto. You might want to check the weather before you choose the venue for an outdoor wedding. So what does one do? Perhaps it is time you accept the fate of a Rainy Day Wedding and work on making it as charming as you see in the movies.

Aesthetic Arrangements.

If you are already giving into the idea of a Rainy-Day Wedding, you will need a few arrangements to fit your theme. Taking advantage of the outdoors will be the right choice, especially if you have already decided to remain resilient through the storm. Small venues with tents are among the most common and elegant ways to be safe from rain and have that unique and beautiful essence to add to your special day. You can add umbrellas and extra towels to make your guests feel cozy and dry off at the end of the day. Umbrellas and boots also make a cute prop for photography and decor, so making use of them only seems fair.


What about Hair and Makeup?

Makeup is no longer the same as it was back in the day. Your makeup does not have to wash off and drip down your face anymore because of a little rain. Numerous new products in the market are available to avoid situations exactly like this. One word for you. Waterproof Makeup. Tell your makeup artist about your rainy day challenges and ask for a messy wet hair look. It is pretty much what all the celebrities are doing as well, so you will blend right into the trend. A little different is not always bad when it comes to makeup. Light and elegant will look lovely with a little rain. It will almost seem like an effortlessly natural look. Besides, Your bun is already a little messy.


Rainy-Days make the perfect Backdrop.

Everyone already knows rain is a famous tactic used in romantic comedies to show an intimate moment shared between two lovers. Why not use the same strategy for the most love-filled occasion of them all, a wedding ceremony. Who doesn’t love cuddles? Rain is often followed by light breezes and an automatically beautiful sky camouflaged by the grey clouds and thunder. That sounds like the perfect opportunity for your wedding photographer to shine and show off his artistic wedding photography skills. It is also a good excuse to snuggle up with your significant other, even if it is your wedding. The environment will allow the photographer and videographer to capture the moment and create adorable wedding photographs.

Don’t surprise your guests!

Just because you have already made arrangements does not mean everyone else has. It is better to make a side note in all invites stating that the chances of rain are particularly high. It will avoid any inconvenience for all your friends and family. They will surely thank you for it when the day arrives. 

A great memory to share.

Everybody expects their big day to be memorable not only for them but also for all their guests. They want a great story that can be shared for generations. That is why people try to make hilarious toasts or highly choreographed dance performances, anything that leaves a lasting impression. What better story to tell than a rainy-day wedding? The possibilities could be endless. If the rain does stop, you might even catch a beautiful rainbow just in time for some remarkable pictures.

Believe it or not.

If you thought rain on your big day meant bad-luck, you might be wrong. Some call it a myth, others say rain is a symbol of good fortune, and a few cultures also think this is a sign of a fertile marriage. So what if the odds are actually in your favour? Don’t misinterpret this blessing and embrace the good luck that may come from an exotic, rainy-day wedding- venture.

Get creative.

With the theme that you have already decided to follow, talk to your vendors. They will be able to figure out the details to make things easy for you. The floral arrangements too will appear fresh and last longer if it rains. Another great underrated fact about rain is that it will reduce airborne pollen. Therefore, if you are a victim of seasonal allergies followed by puffy eyes and a stuffy nose, the rain is mother nature’s blessing to you on your big day.

Rather have rain than the scorching heat.

Wouldn’t you much rather have a rainy and pleasant day to have your wedding in the first place? Especially in comparison to the summertime. The blazing sun and sweat dripping down your forehead are a nightmare. This makes it harder to prepare for a summertime outdoor wedding. It might also affect the guests and your mood adversely. Neither you nor your guests will want to dress up in formal attire if it’s too hot. So even if a rainy-day wedding is not the best-case scenario, it will save you the air conditioning cost and elevate everyone’s mood.

So these are some tips to follow to have your memorable day cherished for years to come. Rain doesn’t even have to play an important part in your big wedding except being an incredible backdrop for your pictures. It is your special day. Until and unless you let it, nothing can stand between the love that is shared.