Understanding White Balance – A Beginner’s Guide

What is White Balance?

White balance, as the name implies, adjusts the color temperature in an image. What is its method of operation? It adds the opposite hue to the picture in order to restore it to neutral. Instead of appearing blue or orange, whites should appear white after correcting an image’s white balance.

In simple terms, white balance in digital photography refers to the process of taming colors so that an image appears more natural. Toronto wedding photographer team will go through some basic understanding of white balance.

What is color temperature?

Color temperature, in photography and cinematography, is a characteristic of visible light that has important applications in lighting. Wedding photographer Toronto team state that it expresses how much warmth or coolness there is in an observed color relative to the color of a theoretical ideal black body heated to a specific temperature.

Color temperatures over 5,000°K are called cool colors, since they have an excess of blue, while lower color temperatures (2,700°K–3,000°K) are called warm colors (reds and yellows), because they tend towards red.

What is automatic white balance?

Automatic White Balance (AWB) is the method by which the camera tries to maintain a neutral color balance. As you change the lighting conditions in a scene, your camera will seek to maintain an accurate white.

In some situations this is not ideal and may result in a slightly blue or orange cast to the image. This can also be referred to as “White Priority”.

What is manual white balance?

Manual White Balance (MWB) gives you greater control over the color temperature of your images. You can adjust it to achieve warmer or cooler tones and ensure that every shot is perfectly neutralized. In order to do this, Toronto wedding photographer team state that you will need a reference point from which to measure white balance. In most cases, that means using a gray card, which you should position in the same light as your subject.

What is custom white balance?

Custom White Balance (CWB) allows you to measure the color temperature of ambient light and set a new value for future images. This is done by taking an image of a gray card under the current lighting conditions, which will be used as a reference point moving forward.

In-Camera White Balance

Most cameras allow you to manually adjust or establish white balance. The options “sun,” “shade,” “tungsten,” and “fluorescent” are the most popular settings. Toronto wedding photographer state that some cameras feature the option of selecting a particular Kelvin value to set the color temperature manually.

What is color temperature range?

Color temperature can vary from 1,800°K to 10,000°K. Different lighting sources such as candles and sun light will have different degrees of warmth or coolness .

How to Change White Balance in Your Camera

On most cameras, changing the white balance is extremely simple. On most DSLR and mirrorless cameras, there should be a button that lets you quickly switch between different white balance presets.

You can usually find a “WB” button on Nikon DSLRs, pressing it and rotating the rear dial switches between various white balance settings such as “Incandescent,” “Shade,” and “Daylight.”

If you don’t have a white balance button, or if you want to change it using your camera’s menu, check the general “Shooting” menu. Wedding photographer Toronto recommend that if you’re using an entry-level Nikon DSLR, go to the “Shooting Menu,” then scroll down until you come across “White Balance.”

Using Auto White Balance In Camera

Your photos will differ depending on the lighting conditions when utilizing auto white balance in your camera. If you’re shooting in daylight, for example, your photographs’ white balances are typically accurate.

Unfortunately, mixed light can cause AWB difficulties, so even after you’ve fixed the white balance in software it may still be necessary to do so.

Different camera models have varying degrees of auto white balance capability. Like any technology, more recent cameras appear to be more accurate than earlier versions. In addition, more expensive cameras generally include additional complex features. That isn’t to imply that entry-level camera AWB systems aren’t effective; in fact, my iPhone does a fantastic job with them (but your mileage may vary).


The color temperature of light sources is not as important, as long as you shoot in RAW. For most photographers, knowing the basic concept of color temperature should be sufficient. Wedding photographer team believe what matters is understanding how and when to change white balance in-camera or after it has been captured, whether in post-production software or on a computer.

After you’ve mastered tweaking the white balance of your photographs, you may start to apply it in creative ways, either warming them up or cooling them down to alter the mood of the overall picture.

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