The Best Ways For You To Preserve Family Memories

Multiple Preservation Strategies

How memory works is a little bit different than many realize. A lot of people think memories are stored in the brain like files on a hard drive, or inside a filing cabinet. This isn’t the case. The act of remembering kind of rewrites the memory, you sort of relive your memories as you remember them—you can read more about that here.

Essentially, if you really want to preserve family memories, more than simple recollection is necessary. Pictures at intervals help preserve growth over time, maturation, and changes in how people look. Writing things down can also be a good idea. Here we’ll explore several ideas like these for memory preservation to help you do

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Traditions In Which Important Memories Are “Passed Down”

Written narratives can be passed down from generation to generation. Some families have lore associated with friends or cousins or aunts or uncles. This “lore” is spread by word of mouth. To be sure, this often means what really happens becomes lost among the tall tales which spring up as the story is retold. Still, it can be a worthwhile approach. Getting the family around a roaring fire when you’re camping annually at the family reunion and retelling the tale of how old grandfather Matheson fought off that grizzly bear in the 1800s can be something that really brings everyone together. This is, perhaps, the most involved preservation suggestion on this list, but it can also be very cathartic.

Portraits Made From Pictures Into Paintings

Portraits that are finely painted and appear artistic don’t require you to hire some top-dollar portrait artist. Cost-effectively, you can use services like Essentially, send individual or group photos via email, and painters can provide you with a piece of art that looks as though it were commissioned by a notable portrait artist out of the seventeenth century.

Art tends to reveal things about individuals hidden any other way. When other human eyes look at a picture and translate that to a canvas, whether consciously or unconsciously, they’re going to focus on certain aspects of a group or individual and either exaggerate or minimize them in the final product.

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3. Rooms Devoted To Pictures, Videos, Crafts, And Memorabilia

Some families will devote one room of the house to family memories. All the walls will have portraits, arts and crafts of the young ones will be on tables and in shelves, photo albums will be scattered throughout the space, and the list goes on. This is a fine way to memorialize key events in your family’s life; from birth to graduation to marriage.

Traditional Photo Albums And Family Portraits

An old but good method of memory preservation involves keeping photo albums which you carefully manage and update over time. Because it’s so easy to take pictures these days, you can very easily get just those pictures which specifically capture a certain time period. They can be organized however you like across a variety of photo albums.

Beyond albums themselves, family portraits taken once or twice a year can show the growth and maturation of members in a family over time. Either option represents a fine way of bringing back those memories percolating in the back of your mind, allowing you to relive the fun times.

Sometimes, memories are all that remain of a person. Having solid ways of preserving them owing to carefully manicured photo albums or well done portraits is something more important than the mere sentiment associated with the images. Sometimes, without memory preservation like this, lost loved ones slowly fade away.

A mixture of video and imagery in the form of technology is now available through .GIFs. There are little portraits that can feature a moving picture on a loop. This could be an option as well.

Keeping Those Important Family Memories Alive

There are quite a few different ways to memorialize family moments or periods of growth; which are best will depend on you and your family. Traditional photo albums, family portraits, paintings made from pictures, rooms devoted to the memorialization of your family, and traditions were key events in a family’s timeline are remembered are good options.

Figure out what sort of memory preservation techniques are most amenable to you and your family. Certainly, you may not do anything to preserve such events. Most people prefer to memorialize things in one way or another, though.

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