Small Wedding Venues in Toronto

A wedding is a joyous occasion that is meant to bring people together. Not all couples want an extravagant wedding with 500 people; some prefer a close-knitted ceremony to share their happiness with their loved ones. That is how the trend for small weddings was born. A cozy and intimate wedding venue list goes well with our wedding photography location list here!

Toronto has the best spaces for weddings, especially smaller spaces that can look trendy and chic without going over the top. As you search for your wedding photographer, take a look at these spaces utilize the area to the fullest and will surely make your intimate wedding experience amazing. Read up on these amazing wedding venues in toronto

plant restaurant small wedding venues toronto

Planta Restaurant.

Planta restaurant is a great wedding venue in toronto, it has a unique and innovative take on their cuisine with a 100% plant-based menu. It is perfect for couples that care for an environmentally friendly and sustainable intimate wedding. Planta manages to create a sophisticated ambiance through its brass decorations and swing chairs to make it look more trendy.

The place also holds an excellent bar alongside modern decor with exposed brick. The furniture, walls, and flooring patterns also give the restaurant an upbeat vibe, which is sure to look splendid in the wedding photographs. The seating can go up to 175 guests seated and 200 for a standing reception, but that may vary.

gladstone hotel small wedding venues toronto

The Gladstone Hotel.


People often don’t prefer a hotel intimate wedding as wedding venues in toronto, but this certainly gives a unique take on it. This hotel is an art hotel. They provide a different and exciting experience for their couples, making everything customizable. It has some great features that make it attractive to a couple, such as exquisite victorian windows that have been restored and exposed brick walls to give it a more rustic feel. To top it all off, it has two full-service bars that will keep the guests more than satisfied for the entire event. 

They also have an event sales team that will guide the couple through the entire preparation process, from food to decor to the guest booking. Everything will be taken care of through their organization. It truly gives a stress-free wedding planning experience. It even has more room with about 200 seated guests or 250 if you’re doing a micro wedding reception to comfortably fit all your relatives in this beautiful hall.

canoe restaurant small wedding venues

Canoe restaurant.


If you are looking for a place with a view, this one is it. It is located on the 54th floor of the TD bank tower and gives the most awe-striking sight of the entire city. Not only that, but it is also a very well known intimate wedding restaurant, so you are assured that the food will be splendid as well. If these two factors aren’t enough to sell you on the place, it also has a modern and chic decor with moss-covered walls, gold accents throughout the furniture and antler chandeliers to give a clean, graceful and elegant look at the wedding.

The restaurant has established itself to provide guests with the best experience with stunning dishes curated to fit the couple. It also has the flexibility that most other locations don’t have; one can get a hall for 100 seats if the company is small, but the seating option for 250 people is also available for larger parties over the weekends. So big or small, if you want the magnificent Toronto skyline as a backdrop for your wedding pictures, opt for Canoe.

The Chase.


The Chase is an elegant modern restaurant in our list of intimate wedding venues in toronto, that offers floor to ceiling minimalistic windows to take in the breathtaking views of the city from the 5th floor of the Dineen building in 10 Temperance St Fl 5, Toronto. The large windows also allow for lots of light to enter and make the wedding pictures look marvellous. The food offers another plus point for the venue. It serves French and Italian influenced dishes, which provide the guests with a luxurious dining experience.


The Chase has both indoor and outdoor seating with its spacious dining halls and stylish rooftop terrace. The chase team will make sure that all guests are taken care of immensely, being the perfect hosts. The place has the capacity to seat about 135, but if the reception is in question, you can fit about 200 people in the polished area.

Balzac's distillery

Balzac’s distillery.

Balzac is a cafe that is optimal for couples who aren’t interested in traditional weddings in a church, hall or restaurant. The entire place gives a rustic and antique feel from their furniture to the artifacts. All of which have been carefully picked from all over the world. It has all the features to make the perfect day stand out from the rest. The floral wallpaper and the exposed brick is suited for any romantic celebration.

The cafe even has an open floor plan to fit a lot of people in a relatively small space, around 80 to 100 seats. The place was a 1985 Pump House, which has been transformed into a two-story masterpiece while still savouring the Victorian industrial architecture. The place can hold both a reception and a ceremony as the downstairs converts into a dance floor with the upstairs gallery having the seating arrangement. During the summer months, some might even be able to book the patio; then, they can have both an indoor and an outdoor wedding at the same time. 

Having the perfect venue for your intimate wedding holds a great deal of importance, so it is crucial that you choose a place that you will want to reminisce over many years later. It doesn’t matter if it’s large or small; as long as it looks good in pictures and fits your theme, you will be well on the track for a successful day. 

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