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A Little Bit About Purple Tree Photography

Purple Tree Wedding Photography is a Toronto-based company that specializes in creating unique wedding collections for couples looking for the finest wedding photographers for their big day. Love is what inspires them to shoot photos with exceptional skill and attention to detail. Let them take your wedding photos to the next level!


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Purple Tree family is a team of passionate photographers who had the lucky chance in life to turn our passion into a career. We love cracking jokes and don’t take life too seriously (unless we have to!) – we are down to earth and easy to deal with. Hearing your stories and vision about your special day is important to us and there is no such thing as too many details!


A big part of being a photographer is being visually inspired by EVERYTHING (and we mean everything!) Our visual style has been perfected over the years and it’s all about softness and elegance. One of the things that we take great pride in is sharing the same visual style among the team of the toronto wedding photographer family. We love all things natural – your face glowing with happiness, feet hurting from dancing – all those things belong to you and it’s our job to be visual timekeepers of your wedding day.


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Purple Tree Wedding Photography is all about creating the atmosphere of trust and respect – those two things are essential to their work – and it ultimately results in beautiful timestamps from your happy day and a feeling of a job well done! YOU are not just a number to us and after all the years in the wedding photography we still treat each client like our first and it feels truly special every single time.

They believe happy people are beautiful people and a smile can change the world so go ahead and smile with us.


Wedding Photography Toronto pricing

With more than 10 years of experience in wedding photography they have a solid reputation for providing great pictures that capture the essence of those very special moments.Purple Tree is a special partnership of professional photographers.

Price Range : $3,105+

Purple Tree Photography do NOT list their pricing online. 


On the other hand, we have Focus Photography who understands that most people need time to warm up in front of a camera, giving more time for photoshooting, reducing the time pressure the client is experiencing and giving access to clients to all raw footage so clients can review them at anytime and use at their leisure under no pressure. View our $5000 PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY promotion here. 


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Wedding Photography Website

In terms of the overall website analysis, we invited our Rank By Focus team to look through Purple Tree’s website to see to what are some things we can learn from their success.  The first-and-foremost take away was how mobile-friendly their website is.  This means their page was designed with responsiveness in mind while keeping fonts at a legible size for users to interact with.  


From a user interface and user experience perspective, the booking mechanism and pricing was rated great.


A straight forward contact form, with easy to access portfolio makes the user experience a simple and quick one. 

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