Why Do Photographers Spend So Much On Monitors?

A color-accurate monitor, one of the most essential tools in a photographer’s arsenal, other than having a kick ass camera bag , mirrorless camera , cloud storage , photoshop alternative editing tool, is something many people may be shocked to learn about. But why are they so costly, and why should a photographer spend so much on one? Don’t Worry, Focus Toronto wedding photographer have a detailed explanation on this topic:

Main reasons Why Monitors are necessary:

  • In the world of digital photography, Focus Toronto wedding photography team believe that having a top-tier monitor that is properly calibrated is critical to producing a great image, regardless of whether they have a camera system, lighting brand, or type of lenses in their hands.
  • To ensure that the pictures being worked on are not off-balanced and over or under-saturated, editing a real-world image on a top-tier monitor is the best practice. This removes any filters, post processing work, or other elements that may skew color in an image when sharing it.
  • A low-end monitor will not be able to render the colors in high contrast regions of an image, leaving wedding photographers and creators at risk of their work looking “wrong” when printed or viewed on higher-end devices.

Some Things to Look For In A Great Monitor

Panel Technology

While the industry is moving at a breakneck pace, there’s little doubt that a display with an excellent IPS (In-Plan Switching) panel is the safest bet. They also have some of the finest support for many color spaces, contrast ratios, and color shifting among displays with 10 bit panels. A 10-bit panel that can handle AdobeRGB or a similar color space is another common feature for a top-tier video editing and color correction monitor in the market.

The term “bit depth” refers to the range of colors that a display can show, and it is typically measured in bits per channel. The more bits per channel, the greater number of colors a screen can display; with 10 bits, you get about a billion hues.

Even with Frame Rate Control (FRC), an 8-bit display, or one with Frame Rate Control (FRC) will not be able to achieve that level of color depth. Some may come close, but most consumers are unable to escape the harsh transitions between colors. An 8-bit display, for example, can display 256 distinct hues. A 10-bit display, on the other hand, can render 1.07 billion distinct colors.

Screen Size and Resolution

As a visual designer and wedding photographer in Toronto, the objective is to be able to view your work as big as possible while still allowing for all of the toolbars and plugins needed to modify it. A minimum size of 24 inches is typically advised, however obviously if you have more screen area, you’ll have more room to work with, especially if you can display in 4K (which I highly advise).

Color Space and Accuracy

There are a number of variables to consider when assessing this category, but one of the most essential is the Delta E-Value, which measures how well humans eyes perceive color differences. The Delta E numbers indicate how well a displayed color on a screen matches the “ideal” color value in terms of Delta E. As a result, the lower the Delta E score, the better the quality of the monitor.


Although many high-end monitors come “ready to go,” they will often arrive factory calibration, including a calibration report. Things wear out and change over time, so users should re-calibrate their screens on a regular basis to ensure that the most accurate colors are presented on them. Users may use a calibration tool from Datacolor or X-Rite to accomplish this task.

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