How To Photograph Memorials – Useful Tips, Tricks, And Considerations

Cities and towns are brimming with monuments and memorials that await your photographs. However, understanding how to photograph memorials isn’t as simple as you may believe!

This article summarizes tips by Toronto wedding photographer team so you can capture beautiful pictures of beloved landmarks as well.

Why Is It Important To Photograph Memorials?

The significance of memorials has changed over time. Modern societies have made it difficult to discern the significance of monuments that are a part of our daily lives. We take for granted monuments that are a presence in our everyday life, we forget why they’re there and pass them by without thinking.

By learning how to photograph memorials we preserve their memory and meaning. The following are two main reasons by Toronto wedding photographer team about why this act is important:

To Educate Others

The greatest way to teach someone something is to show them. We all learn in different ways and if you can capture the memory of monuments with your camera, it’s easier for others to understand the meaning of what they’re seeing. It allows you to get inside their head and share that understanding.

To Keep The Memory and Purpose Alive In The Digital Age

There’s no replacement for standing next to a monument and reading about its history. However, that’s not always possible and the only way we can sometimes learn about our past is if someone tells us.

How To Photograph Memorials Part 1: Conduct, Etiquette, and Respect For Surroundings

Conduct is, without a doubt, essential. Memorials are frequently associated with horrendous events in history.

Here are three important rules by Wedding photographer Toronto team for ensuring that you receive the photos you want without being impolite:

1. Act with respect and reverence at all times

A monument is a place for meditation. They’re not intended to be entertaining, and they’re definitely not a destination where you should gather with your buddies for some levity.

Wedding photographer Toronto advise to act with consideration when visiting a monument. If you take pictures, act respectfully and be genuine. You don’t have to appear stern or act like a machine.

2. Consider other visitors and their feelings

When paying your respects at a memorial, you’ll frequently be surrounded by other people. Keep in mind that you’re not the only person curious about these locations.

Wedding photographer Toronto recommend to always consider the feelings of others when planning your visits to historic sites. Some people, like me, are simply here to recall and record the monuments. Other individuals, on the other hand, may come to commemorate their family members and loved ones.

3. Refrain from taking selfies

You don’t need to take pictures of yourself when you’re surrounded by brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for our liberties and freedoms.

How To Photograph Memorials Part 2: Photography Guide

The proper approach to photograph memorials is a topic that will be discussed in the following articles. Of course, there’s also the technical aspects and pointers.


Wedding photographer team state that taking pictures of memorials and monuments in particular entails a different technique. You must consider the photo from various angles.

The composition is one of the most essential elements to consider while photographing memorials. Your composition can frame a monument to display it in different lights.

Remember to take pictures from a different perspective. Always try to show the effects of time and make sure you include enough sky to give your pictures depth.


Another important aspect when photographing memorials is lighting. People will never tire of seeing beautiful pictures, but if they’re blurry or too dark, people will stop looking at them soon.

There are several ways to solve the problem of lighting but it’s important to remember that you’re photographing a memorial and it’s best to be on the brighter side. If necessary, Wedding photographer team believe that you can always play with different combinations of shadows and highlights in post-processing.

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