How To Organize Your Photography Equipment

Some individuals are born organizers. For the rest of us, keeping a clean workstation might need some assistance and a lot of effort.

Consider these easy measures by Toronto wedding photographer team that you may take to bring some organization to your workspace right now if you’re ready to make the required adjustments as an artist.

Repurpose a tackle box for storing the small things

There are a lot of storage options out there that are tailored to the needs of photographers. For better or worse, the majority of them don’t go beyond arranging compartments for lenses, a camera body, and possibly a laptop. But as any photographer understands, even small items like clips and sticky notes might come in handy during a shoot.

A typical camera bag is little more than a communal pocket for basic items like clips, remotes, and spare batteries.

Toronto wedding photographer team state that a tackle box can provide a fast storage option in place of allowing everything to get jumbled up. It’s already compartmentalized and ready to withstand the elements, so it’s more than capable of keeping your gear separate and organized.

Keep tabs on external hard drives

In today’s digital world, physical organization is not the only thing a functioning photographer has to consider. Digital developments decrease the amount of time it takes to capture hundreds or thousands of photos in a short period of time. As photo quality improves, so does the file size of every image.

Our computers are unable to keep large photo libraries, thus prolific shooters need to constantly back up their work.

One of the most important organizational components is a hard drive that can hold everything. When you’re constantly importing and exporting files, it’s easy to lose track of storage devices and what they contain.

Wedding photographer Toronto team recommend a simple way to keep tabs on your external drives is tagging them with unique identifiers during initial set-up so you know which drive holds what files. You can then add descriptive keywords to each drive when they’re in use so you’ll always know where you left that wedding album backup.

Hang backdrops to capitalize on floor space

Backdrops are a necessity for any studio photographer. A colorful, clean background beats out a bland, lifeless wall every day of the week. Backdrops, on the other hand, are bulky, heavy, and worst of all take up a lot of room in the studio.

Wedding photographer Toronto team know that finding a location for a backdrop may be difficult because it is one of the more cumbersome pieces of equipment in a studio.

Investing in a wall or ceiling mount system might make all the difference in keeping seamlesses out of the way and accessible. Consider purchasing a model with a chain pulley – you may raise and lower your material without having to go up to your mount and make changes by hand.

Furthermore, while convenience is one benefit that a mount system has to offer, it also allows you- the photographer- to capitalize on floor space that would have otherwise been taken up by a backdrop stand.

Create a bench for clients that doubles as storage space for larger items

One of the most essential things to think about when inviting clients to your home photo studio is their overall comfort. As a result, many photographers pay close attention to providing a comfortable spot for customers and visitors to sit while prep operates or a shoot is taking place.

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Even after everyone has gone, a “waiting area” with two purposes may be useful. Instead of a conventional sofa or set of chairs, consider purchasing a bench for spectators to sit on. They’re simple to alter and improve, and many designs include storage space beneath the surface that may be used to collect additional equipment.

Mount hooks to the wall to create a rack for light stands

Light stands are an unavoidable evil in a photographer’s studio, much like the one mentioned earlier. They’re unappealing and take up a lot of room. However, it’s impossible to safely and securely support the huge, pricey strobe and continuous lights without them. If you have your own home studio, you’ll probably want to come up with a fast and efficient way of storing those stand when they’re not in use.

A pair of hooks may easily support the weight of two or three light stands, depending on the size of the hooks you’re using. Wedding photographer team state that if you have any spare hooks, attach them to hang reflectors and other large light modifiers.

Dust off the label maker

It should come as no surprise that label makers can be useful at times. Labels in different colors may be used to identify the location of a piece of equipment in a photographer’s studio. Labels can also be utilized to spell out what is kept in a particular drawer or closet, rather than using colors. This might be really beneficial for an assistant that’s assigned to clean studio space after hours – each drawer or box will be labeled with its contents, allowing them to easily sort through.

It’s also simple to mark a lens cap with the focal length and aperture of the camera it fits. Rather than rummaging through your camera bag to find the correct piece of glass, the label indicates what you’re looking at right away.

Keep cords and chargers tidy

If you’ve ever been caught in a tangle of tangled wires, you’ll understand how important this advice is. As the quantity of electronics you own increases, so does the amount of extension cords, adapters, and connections you’ll need. To keep everything in its place, safeguard any cables that might be laying about by keeping them separate.

Try out the Over/Under cable wrapping method; you’ll find that it makes handling big and unwieldy things a lot easier. Smaller wires are more flexible and can be kept together with a simple twist tie. For your most important components, consider investing in Velcro cable ties to make organization easier.

Wedding photographer team believe it’s always a good idea to wrap up any cables that aren’t being utilized for reasons that go beyond general cleanliness. This can considerably extend the cable’s life, making it less prone to frayed wires and knots.

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