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A Little Bit About Mango Studios

Mango Studios was founded in 2004 by an incredible duo, Mo and Nancy. With over 12 years of experience, they were given phenomenal opportunities to work with some of the most incredible humans.

From brides, grooms, event industry peers, designers, editors, photographers and everyone else, mango studios has grown with great success in the toronto wedding industry. 


Mango Studio, like purple tree wedding photography, toronto wedding studio currently stands as one of Toronto and Miami’s largest toronto wedding photography studios, along with many other services they offer in-house.  With their main location situated in Downtown Toronto, their talented team has expanded to include services including: wedding photography, wedding albums, photobooth, destination weddings, family portraits, and many other services, tailor to the needs of their valued clients.


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Upon arriving at Mango Studio’s toronto wedding website, you will find that the aesthetically pleasing and graceful styling of their page does an extraordinary job at storytelling their culture and attitude. 

Their team focuses on getting to know you, your personality and your vision for your big special day. Once they get to know you better, their seasoned event coordinators will match you up with a candid toronto wedding photographer they believe is the perfect fit for you.


Mango studios exclusive approach is driven by your unique story, who you are, your personal tastes, and design interests. Mango studios does not provide wedding videography. Henjo Films on the other hand provides exclusive wedding photography. 

The Mango Studio Team together shares enormous wealth of knowledge and passion for toronto wedding photography aiming to strike timeless images for your safekeeping.  Through their website and a series of pricing forms, you will come to learn that their wedding photography packages start at $3500, with little information to work with(ie, number of digital copies included, prints included, photographers included, etc.).  



While with Focus Photography, their wedding photography packages start at $2800 for a full-day of photography shoots and all digital copies available for your use, ranging to rare packages including prints, same-day edits, 2-toronto wedding photographers and 2-cinematographers at your disposal, additional 2-hrs of engagement photoshooting, short feature film, full feature documentary film to capture the timeless memories, raw footage delivery, drone for unparalleled shots, and a marvelous selection of prints for you and your loved ones.  Where else can you find an extensive package like that? Just Focus Photography.



If you are looking for a stylish, sophisticated, and fun toronto wedding photobooth rental experience, Mango Studio is a choice for you.  The philosophy of their services surrounds: lighting, experience and style.


With over 10 years of experience in delivering photobooth rentals as a service, mango studios have established a beautiful selection of backgrounds for their clients to choose from while keeping the toronto wedding photobooth experience to a minimalistic touch.  Depending on your specific needs, there is a range of options available to select from, while they range from $950-1250. 


Meanwhile, at Focusbooth the photobooth rental is an all-inclusive package at the single rate of $650, meeting all the needs you can imagine for your special occasion.


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The Mango Studios Team strongly believes that a family portrait should feel genuine.  They understand that making a memory that lasts forever matters because time only slips away.  In order to ensure that the pictures are authentic and genuine, the Mango Studio team will do everything it takes to make sure their clients are always feeling comfortable and natural. Mango Studios strive to capture the special moments for you: be it at their studio, camping in your backyard, or even a trip to the beach.  For this deluxe experience, their packages are currently offered at $395 (reg. $595 for in-studio) and $475 (reg. $795 for on-location). These packages include up to 1-hr worth of photoshooting session and 50 high resolution photos (no prints included).  This means, if you are planning on getting digital copies for Instagram and Facebook, these are amazing deals for you and your family!  


Should you be interested in prints and more time to get warmed up in front of a camera, Focus Photography Family Portraits offers packages starting from $400 including 2-hrs of photoshooting session along with raw footage.  Let’s be honest: sometimes the best photos are the goofy photos that just are not Instagram-worthy but will always bring a smile to your face.  Why not have a copy of all the memories and not just the perfect shots?


mango studios wedding photography Style

Mango Studio is successful for many amazing reasons.  They are a tight knit team of award winning wedding photographers working alongside professional artists to bring the best solutions to meet their clients’ needs.  Their works are created with an emphasis on: elegance, editorial-style and magazine-worthy images.  You will notice that their shots lean towards a bright, faded, and rustic style: it’s breath-taking and we absolutely love it.  The Mango Studio aims to convey a very candid style, aiming to have each image be made with a striking balance of creative attention to detail and photo-journalistic style.  



Likewise, Focus Photography understands that clients have a diverse need and may have different preferences when it comes to photo shooting styles.  In contrast, the Focus Photography team strikes the approach of tailoring their style to meet the needs of their clients. If photos are for the client, why not let the clients choose how they want it to turn out like? Collaboration is key.


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Wedding Photography Toronto pricing

After a detailed analysis of the product and services offered by Mango Studio, it is clear that their team is strongly professional with high-quality solutions for clients. Mango studios service starts at $3500 for just photography. Should clients be looking for all the extra features, the price may continue to climb.  Mango Studios does NOT list their pricing online. 


On the other hand, we have Focus Photography who understands that most people need time to warm up in front of a camera, giving more time for photoshooting, reducing the time pressure the client is experiencing and giving access to clients to all raw footage so clients can review them at anytime and use at their leisure under no pressure. View our $5000 PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY promotion here. 

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