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Luminous Weddings

Luminous Weddings is a Toronto-based photography company that specializes in classic yet candid photos that have the creativity you are looking for. No run-of-the-mill wedding or typically staged shots are found with them. Luminous Weddings enjoy the process of working together with clients to recreate their wedding vision and surprise them along the way!



Luminous wedding photography Style

Luminous weddings don’t stage photos, we help set the stage for authentic moments to unfold.

Most couples are worried their photos will look posed or inauthentic. At Luminous Weddings, if a photo doesn’t feel REAL, it’s not truly beautiful.


Luminous wedding take the time to get to know you and help you feel completely at ease, so you can focus on being present and enjoying every moment, knowing Luminous wedding GOT YOU!

Luminous Weddings
3A – 1444 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M6P 4H3, Canada
Phone: 416.505.7673
Email: [email protected]


luminous wedding

Wedding Photography Toronto pricing

Price Range : $4600 for PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY. 


On the other hand, we have Focus Photography who understands that most people need time to warm up in front of a camera, giving more time for photoshooting, reducing the time pressure the client is experiencing and giving access to clients to all raw footage so clients can review them at anytime and use at their leisure under no pressure. 

View our $5000 PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY promotion here. 

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