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Ideas For Virtual Weddings While Practicing Social Distancing


The future remains unpredictable. A couple plans for their wedding for years only to have the day finally arrive, and a global pandemic strikes. What are the odds, right? Following Social distancing laws, the only safe option is to have a virtual wedding.

Why choose a virtual wedding?


A virtual wedding would mean all your guests are safe from the risks of exposure. It also saves you the trouble of searching for a venue that is open and ready to provide all the necessary conditions to host a wedding. Unless the situation is completely under control, the venue organizers will not want to risk anyone’s safety either. Therefore this only leaves the bride and groom to follow the guidelines and have a safe wedding virtually.

An unorthodox Wedding is preferred over an overrated cliche wedding.


Before you discard the idea of a virtual wedding, you need to understand what is at stake. There isn’t a single person that does not want their wedding to be exceptionally unique. What better way than to create a wedding in the most unconventional way possible. It might have the absence of some physical hugs, the classic group photos and arriving in an antique car, yet it will be memorable in its own way. Another great reason to have a virtual wedding is to live in the moment rather than delay it to an uncertain point in the future?

Virtual Dress selection?


If your biggest concern is how you will get a dress, it should not be because you still have options. Option number 1 is to go to a local wedding dress shop and book an appointment. However, every country has different regulations, and your nearest shop timings may have been reduced. They can only cater to a few brides at a time as long as they can follow all the safety guidelines. If you still want to stay careful after deciding on a virtual wedding and don’t want to risk contracting anything weeks before your big day, it’s justified.


Option number two is having a virtual dress appointment. Numerous wedding shops also want to run their business in this difficult time. So naturally, they will cater to whatever makes the customers most comfortable. Thus certain wedding dress shops will gladly assist your needs in finding a perfect dress online. You can even have a video call to select a dress.


Documenting the moment.


A monopod is where your videography will shine. You can use multiple cameras to cover the entire wedding. Leave one camera rolling somewhere on a tripod and get close shots and clips from the monopod. This will give your end result a professional look—something you and the client needed.

E-vites are the future.


If you think about it, sending out invites online is a very futuristic idea. With the amount of pollution growing by the day, why waste paper? Online invites are efficient, get the message across and can be more personalized. So once you have selected which platform you want to live stream or video chat with, you can send out invites to all your friends and family. The e-vite will include the timing of the wedding ceremony as well.If you like, you can send alerts an hour before your actual wedding to remind everyone to log on to participate. They can leave comments or reactions depending on the platform you use.


Vendors save the day.


Of course, just because you are social distancing doesn’t mean your wedding has to be incomplete. There’s always room to make adjustments and spoil yourself with a wedding cake and some decorations. There isn’t necessarily human interaction needed for that. Some local businesses have their shops open to deliver the perfect wedding cake you desire to your doorstep. Even decor arrangements can be made following all sanitary rules. Be sure to get advanced deliveries for any party favours that you plan on having. A little something to commemorate your day and make your guests feel more included in the occasion is always nice.

The officiant is important!


Lastly, no wedding is complete without the officiant present. So it is only fair to book in advance given the current situation. You can later discuss all the details of how to conduct your wedding. If you and your officiant decide to perform the vows in person, make sure to follow all the social distancing guidelines. As a result, you will have to stand 6 feet apart from your officiant. 


However, that would not be much of a problem as long as you can hear him. So if you abide by the laws and have a safe marriage ceremony, not even COVID-19 can stop you. You will also go down in history for having a virtual wedding.

There you have it, a checklist for your virtual wedding. It saves you a few bucks from your budget and makes your wedding original and trendy. A virtual wedding may lack some significant moments but will ensure everyone’s safety. So it won’t make a huge difference in the long run.