How To Share Your Wedding Photos To The World

When you first receive your wedding pictures, you want everyone you know to see them. While it is compelling to post those hundreds of photos all over the internet, you will have to develop some self-control. You should strategically post your pictures to ensure that they reach your friends and family without causing them any inconvenience.

So how will you go about posting them?

Sneak peek pictures.

Before you receive your entire album of wedding pictures, you might receive a few samples from your photographer. Videographers can even make a trailer for your wedding video that you can post before the actual video. You can post these with a witty caption such as “coming soon” or “first of many.” So your followers can keep an eye out for the other pictures that are up next. The trailer your videographer makes can also resemble a movie trailer, which can make your followers excited when the entire thing goes up.

how to share your wedding photos


Remember when Covid19 came around, and you had to reschedule your wedding? Or maybe you still found a way to celebrate your original pre-covid19 wedding date?  This would make a great throwback!

The throwback trend has always been prevalent. Use this as an opportunity to flaunt your gorgeous wedding pictures. Throwback Thursday or #TBT is extremely popular, so it can be a great way to reminisce about your wedding day. Remember special moments during the wedding, was it raining? If it was, you might have amazing raining photos to throw back on! Not only that, but you can also make use of other hashtags like #WCW(woman crush Wednesday) and #MCM (man crush Monday) to post stunning pictures of your significant other on your social media.

However, an important thing to note is not to overuse the trend. Don’t post a #TBT every Thursday or a #MCM and #WCW every week, either. Space out your pictures with other photos of things you might find interesting to spice up your feed.

Instagram highlights.

Instead of posting your wedding photos/videos on your Instagram or Facebook feed, you could post them as stories. Reminiscing the first moment you saw each other? This is why you should do a first look on your wedding day. You can later add these stories into one category as highlights on your Instagram page. Doing so keeps your feed clean, and also creates a personalized online album for the best moments of your wedding. This way, anyone who wishes to see your wedding pictures can simply open the highlights and look at it. Thus, the photos will not regularly pop up when your followers scroll their feed.

Congratulate on accomplishments.

Your wedding pictures are not there just to celebrate or reflect upon your wedding. You can use them to congratulate each other on other accomplishments in life as well. For example, if your partner got a new job or they won a contest. Anytime you want to celebrate your significant other, you can bring out the beautifully shot wedding pictures. They will remind them of the love and appreciation you have for them, and you won’t even have to search for the perfect picture.


Spending all that time to research for a wedding photographer, you deserve to enjoy the results of your hard work! Another way you can get your pictures noticed by people is through the photographers themselves. Photographers might take your permission and post some of your wedding pictures online as a sample of their skills and style. That way, potential customers can see the type of photography they offer. Photographers might put up a couple of your best pictures on their page to show off their artistry, so don’t forget to ask. As a bonus, you get your photographs appreciated by a diverse crowd.

Make the birthday posts extra special..

Birthdays are a great occasion to break out the glorious pictures of your friends and family. Post the images along-side a long birthday post commemorating their big day. You could, of course, celebrate your partner’s birthday in the same way as well. Perhaps make a collage of the many different images put together. Video collages are also trendy nowadays, where your beautiful pictures can have a wonderful song in the background that matches the mood.

Put old things to good use..

After your wedding, you have many different ornaments leftover from your special day. Truthfully, it can be challenging to find a use for them, and people end up throwing them away.  However, you could scour the DIY websites and pages to learn ways to upcycle some of the wedding decors. Things like centrepieces and fairy light backdrops can be converted into some beautiful decoration. They can be the perfect metaphor for starting your new life together, and you could document that on your social media. “Before and after” pictures can be added through the multiple picture feature on Instagram. This can truly showcase both the wedding pictures and the newly transformed decor.

wedding anniversary share post


An anniversary is perhaps the most obvious way to post your wedding pictures. It is a great day to remember the vows and post memories for all to see. Also, you don’t have to wait a whole year to post those mesmerizing snapshots, either. There are plenty of anniversaries that can be celebrated from your engagement to your first date. Even first kisses can be marked with an anniversary picture to reflect how far you guys have come. Give importance to those special milestones in your life by posting your photos from the wedding.

Wedding published

Get your pictures published.

If you don’t want your pictures to just be on your social media, there are other ways you can get your images out. Many magazines and blogs have wedding sections where they could showcase your wedding pictures. All you have to do it ask, and if you fit their theme, they might post a bunch of your photos. See a published wedding from Focus Photography on Wedding Wisdom. 

Another place your wedding pictures can get published can be your venue’s own website. Here they can exhibit their space at your wedding. Your caterer’s website or blog can also do a piece about your wedding. Have a chat with the vendors about your ideas, and something is sure to work out.


To conclude, weddings bring a lot of happy memories and with them many pictures. You may want everyone to see you on your special day, but you must remember to be decisive with when, where and how you post them.