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How To Research For A Wedding Photographer


Capturing your wedding day is certainly one of the most important aspects of the ceremony. Everything has to be perfect, and settling for anything less than that is not an option. Obviously, you have a lot on your plate, but at the end of the day, it is something that is going to change your life. So you have to make sure that all the photographs make you feel special, gorgeous, and stunning every time you go through them. And knowing that when you walk down the aisle, the photographer is going to document all the moments perfectly is such a relief. So here is how you can find the best photographer while staying on budget.

Go Through the Reviews.

One thing you really need to admire about the internet is the fact that it has made everything easier for you. So the first thing you should do is go online and compare different photographers to check out the options you have. Browse, go through the photographer’s online website or page, and look at the reviews from their previous work. Not only that, but also take a look at their previous work and find something you like. Focus more on the reviews which are detailed so that you can get a clear idea and lastly see the overall rating and compare the ratings of different photographers in order to select the best one.

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Be Interactive on The Social Media.

You may be wondering why social media is one of the tools people suggest when you talk about researching, the answer is quite simple. Since social media is so easily accessible, it has become everyone’s go-to way of searching for anything. This makes instagram one of the most important marketing tools for wedding photographers and videographers. This is because social media gives everyone the freedom to say what they want, even if it’s negative. And although there will be many wonderful experiences, you will be able to get a clear idea from both good and bad reviews. One very important thing to note here is that a photographer may not always be at fault, and there are two sides to every story. So don’t take things too literally, and if you do find something of the sort, try to get an explanation. You can even reach out to the reviewer and talk to them about their experience. This will ensure you get the most accurate information, and you can then make an informed decision.

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Complete Wedding Album Tour.

So once you are done with all these preliminary steps. Browsing and checking what works best for you, you may have made up your mind about how you want your wedding photos to look. So ask the wedding photographer to see their portfolios in person and go through the complete albums of their previous works. Photographers often post the best of their work online, but going through the complete albums can give you an idea of some of the work that is not as great. You can go through each and every detail. The candid clicks, photographs of the important guests, and solo shots are some pictures where you can really analyze their work. How they capture the intimate moments and couple photographs is obviously a must. If you feel that they missed out on something, you can always ask or guide them and communicate about your requirements. This will allow for complete transparency between you and the photographer.


Wedding Shows? Why Not!

Your wedding is around the corner so obviously, you have a lot to take care of. That is why it is better for you to start looking for a photographer and get the booking done at least six months before your wedding. The most easy and time saving way to get wedding arrangement ideas is to crash one or two wedding events yourself. They expand your horizons of looking at a wedding and give you realistic expectations. You can meet the best photographers of the season, see who is available on your wedding date, and have face to face conversations with them. This will give you a good idea of who can work the best for you. You can also find other good vendors, caterers, and designers for your wedding. So you can kill multiple birds with one stone. 

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Have you Checked the Photographer’s Blog?

You must be quite familiar with the fact that your wedding is not just a symbolic ceremony. It is also the reunion of love, happiness, and the rebirth of your complete love story. Therefore, it has to be both beautifully put together and then captured. But what makes a story special? Obviously, a storyline. Check out the photographer’s blog of how he commemorates your love story with the photographs of your big day. You cannot deny that there is some magic in the way one describes a story. Make sure to compare those stories with your love story and see if that photographer displays the same magic you expect from him. The reason for recommending you to go to the blog is because every photographer draws a storyline on their blogs. Unlike random stories on Instagram and other social media. You can always find the URL to the photographer’s blog. Quick note, be sure to double check if they are dressed professionally during your wedding day. Take a look at it and picture yourself in each of the weddings presented there. If you like what you see, then congratulations, you have found your photographer. 

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