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Anyone who’s reading this got engaged or is expecting it to happen very soon. Getting married is one of the best days of your life, and you want it to be as special as possible. You’ve been thinking of this moment since you were a child, and you have had everything thought through. The wedding is not complete until there’s someone present to capture those wonderful memories. That is where the photographer comes in. You have an idea of what type of photographer you want—someone who understands you and your vision about your wedding day. However, the question arises whether that certain photographer accommodates into the budget you and your partner have planned for the wedding. 

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Why and how the photographer you choose can impact your wedding photography cost?

One of the most important segments of the wedding is the photography. Look at it like this, anything that happens on the wedding day can be remembered only through the awe-striking photos taken by the photographer. Photography won’t just be a part of your wedding day but will become an exclusive portion of your family gatherings for many generations. It is, without a doubt, the most important investment you have to make about your wedding. 

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Key factors that influence the cost of your Wedding Photography.

There are a number of elements that have an effect on the cost of your wedding photography: 

The Date of the Wedding.

There’s a trend of winter weddings that has been making rounds recently. Sure, it is tradition to get married in the summers, but having a winter wedding has its perks too. The biggest one being a cost-cutting among the vendors. Generally, people get married through May to September, which leaves most of the businesses almost work free in the remaining months. Choosing a day from these months will earn you various discounts from many wedding photographers since a very little group of people decide on such dates. If you do not have a trivial reason and are confident enough not to be bothered by what people around you say, this is a good option. 


The name speaks for itself. It is obvious that an expensive location would cost more for you, sometimes even double the amount because you would have to pay for yourself and the stay of the wedding photographer. They obviously charge you for travelling and other expenses. If you have a destination wedding in mind, even if it is not far away from where you or the photographer are based, make sure you ask the photographer for the extra charges that they may claim. Even if you do not have to pay for the photographer’s stay, you might be asked to take care of their travel expenses, including gas and refreshments.  If you’re not set on the location, then take a look at the best wedding photography locations in Toronto for more ideas. 

Per-Day Details.

You have to keep in mind what sort of coverage you want from the photographers. That does depend, of course, on the type of wedding you are planning. If you plan to have a huge wedding reception in a large hall with more than a couple hundred people, you might want to think of having a team of more than one photographer. This will be required since you would not want to miss out on anything from the wedding day. The larger the wedding, the more photographers you would need.

Moreover, keep in mind the timings of the wedding. For instance, are you planning on having an event that lasts for more than 8 hours? Many photographers have their bundles depending on the timings of the wedding. Their price may increase if the wedding starts in the early morning and goes on till the evening. Choose a time frame that suits you best in terms of payment to the photographer. Keep in mind if you have a shot list?  Let the photographer know. 

Photography add-ons.

Having add-ons doubles the fun of photography sessions at your wedding. You may have always wanted to have a fun photo booth at your wedding with different props that come with it. This would not only increase the price of the photographer because it would obviously cost them to make it but also, at least one photographer must be present at the booth to take the pictures of everyone dressing up with the props. If you only hire one photographer, they will have to keep moving around all over the place and may miss out on most of the things happening at your wedding. Furthermore, wedding photography is incomplete if you do not get an album printed for later. Even though you can choose a limited number of pictures you like and only have them printed, this will definitely add up to the whole budget.  Keep in mind, if you want to have a photography and videography team together in a package!  Here’s some wedding video ideas to get the ideas flowing. 

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Tips for picking the right wedding photographer in Toronto.

There are hundreds of wedding photographers in and around Toronto. Some are more expensive than others. How do you know which one is the best for you? Do you know if you wanted more of a portrait photographer or candid photographer? The first thing that you need to see if the photographer you are choosing is your type. This means whether they take pictures according to what you have in mind. If you want a fun wedding photographer, you cannot choose one that has an artistic side to them. Likewise, if you are looking for someone who captures pictures that tell stories, you cannot choose one who is exceptional in just portraits. Therefore, you must give in a lot of thought to what type of photographer you want and research about all the photographers that fall in your budget. 


Furthermore, you must look for someone who matches your personality or at least someone you are comfortable with. You want a photographer who understands your thought process so that it is easy for them to give you the pictures you want. 

You must invest some time into hiring a photographer because what they will capture will be a part of your life for the years to come!