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After your formal wedding pictures are completed, it’s time to make things a little more fun. Leave those perfectly posed pictures for something hilarious and enjoyable to remember the day. Bring out the props, the mid-laughter shots and the whimsical poses for genuinely amusing wedding party pictures. Some silly pictures will help the couple relax and let loose with their friends and family.

Here are some quirky ideas on how you can take wedding pictures.

unique wedding photos ideas

Recreate your favourite movies.

Now is the time to recreate those iconic wedding poses with your wedding party. The movie “Bridesmaids” has an ideal pose that the bride can re-do with her party. The scene revived with the groom and groomsmen instead of the bride can add a hilarious twist to a classic pose. It is not just limited to wedding movies; any movie with an ensemble cast can be re-created. An avenger themed groomsmen picture can look exceptional as well. So, go ahead and choose your favourite movie. It creates a fun moment for everyone to look back on fondly. If you’re interested in a movie themed wedding venue, we suggest Eglinton Grand. 

wedding toast

Champagne toasts.

Your bridesmaids work exceptionally hard and deserve to be appreciated with a toast. Hold up those champagne glasses and celebrate each other. Express your gratitude towards one another while making sure the photographer captures the moment. Preferably take these pictures in the bridesmaid robes to encompass the sisterhood spirit. For the groom, the same pose done with his men will also invoke the same heartfelt feelings. It will act as a contrast amid all the funny and lighthearted pictures.

Frozen in time.

These pictures make the most aesthetically pleasing shots. The couple stands perfectly still while the wedding party moves around them. When the photographer takes the picture, it seems like the couple froze in time. This picture encapsulates the hectic life, yet the couple appears to be in their little bubble. The frozen in time picture also gives a different perspective rather than a typical standing image.

unique wedding photo ideas

Reversal of the party.

Mix up your party while breaking the norms. Instead of the groom taking pictures with his groomsmen, he can take photos with the bridesmaids. The bride can go the other way around with the groomsmen. These will undoubtedly create some unique and often interesting pictures. Try out different poses to find something that looks the most appealing. Perhaps all the groomsmen could lift the bride. Or they could pretend to be her bodyguards. There are many creative ways to use this reversal arrangement.

Use your props.

Props can be a great addition to your wedding photos. You can add umbrellas, photo booth props or even some cardboard signs. Props are an easy way to add some cheer into the entire ordeal. Signs like “Team Bride,” “Mr & Mrs” and “Bride/Groom to be” signs add a pop of colour and dynamic to the picture. Props are also a way to add variety in the hundreds of pictures you will take on this day. If you want a classier appearance, a car can be used as a prop to stand beside or sit in.

Some friendly competition.

When taking pictures, portraying a little competition can’t hurt. Split your wedding party into two teams, preferably bride and groom and snap away. Showing a little pushing and pulling can add energy and bring life into the pictures. You can re-create a tug of war match with the bride and groom on opposite sides and their bridesmaids and groomsmen behind them. For a little more enjoyment, mix up the parties with the groomsmen supporting the bride and vice versa. Just be wary not to go overboard, you don’t want anyone getting hurt on your wedding day. 

Show off that ring.

One bonus of getting married is the wedding ring. So show off that wedding band in your stunning pictures. Take snapshots of the bridal party, admiring the ring and making different expressions in reaction. Gasps, amazement and smiles are all good reaction shots that look well on camera. If you want to go the comedic route, do this pose with the groom and his groomsmen for some priceless photos. You can even do these photographs combined with the entire wedding party giving their reactions to the rings.

Different vantage points.

Another way to add some flair can be through different standing positions. All wedding parties stand in a line and take pictures. How about a different angle? Have the couple standing on the ground and the bridal party looking down on them from above. One other way of going about this is through a bird’s-eye perspective. The camera looks from above onto the entire party, which can also create some stellar shots. The pictures here will also make the wedding dress look exquisite.

The sneak peek kiss.

This is an adorable moment between the couple, right on par with a first look. The bride and groom kiss each other, and the camera captures that moment. But what makes it funny is the bridal parties’ reaction to it. Some people can make cute faces while others only cover their eyes to sneak a peek at the kiss. It can be even sweeter if you add kids into the mix. They can make shocked expressions while trying to avert their eyes from the public display of affection.

Getting ready.

These pictures can be taken when the bride and groom are getting ready. The bridesmaids can all be helping out, fixing the dress, the veil or the makeup. Everyone appears to look busy while the bride stands still. For the groom’s side, they can tie his shoes, straighten his tie or fix his hair. The primary purpose is to show the wedding party hard at work, helping the bride and groom.

Summing it up, there are many ways you could pose for the wedding pictures. These are simply some examples and ideas to get you started. If nothing else, some funny faces will be enough to break the tension and lighten the mood. You will surely reminisce about these moments later on in life.