Tips On How To Take Your Own Family Photos During COVID-19

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These are trying times for everyone. Most of the people are stuck at home with little or nothing to do. In these devastating times, everyone is trying to find some activity, so the monotony of staying idle can go away. Students are taking courses online to enhance their knowledge and are learning new skills to build up their resumes. And children, well, they are just themselves, walking around the house and making a mess. 


If you feel this is true, here is a great idea to utilize some time and be productive. It also serves as a great way to still celebrate your original wedding date. Start capturing these serendipity moments in the making in the form of photographs. You will surely cherish these once you get back to your busy lives.  Here’s a great way to share your photos to the world. 

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What should we wear? 

Well, what are you in the mood for? Are you tired of staying in your pyjamas all day? Do you miss dressing up and going out? Since you cannot go out, why not dress up? Pick out that perfect cocktail dress and put on some makeup. You already feel amazing, don’t you? Ask everyone else to dress up as well. 


However, if you are not in the mood of dressing up, make this a fun pyjama party. 

You can also turn it into a theme. Take out your old Halloween costumes or what you all wore on your son’s first birthday and party away. 

Photo Equipment. 

In these times, where technology has advanced to such an extent, it’s absolutely all right, even if you do not have a professional DSLR camera. Any phone today with a good camera will do the trick in today’s time. 


However, if you do have a professional DSLR, just add up a tripod stand, and you are good to go. Even without the tripod stand, place the camera at an angle that everything is visible and clear and capture away. 


If there is nobody to take group photos, all the new professional cameras, as well as the latest cellular telephones, have timers installed in them so you can place your equipment in the position you want your picture and make memories without any hassle. 


One aspect that is important in any picture session is the lighting. What you wear, where you are located or even how happy you seem to be; all will go in vain if your pictures do not have the correct lighting. 


If you decide to stay inside the house, in a certain room, for example, make sure it has the correct amount of light and does not make your pictures look too pale or too yellow. Likewise, if you intend to have a photoshoot outside, in your garden, perhaps, make sure you do it during the day or the sunset, for example, when the light is good. 

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Choosing the location for your family photoshoot is very important as well. These pictures will remain a part of your family for the rest of your life, so you want to make the most of them. 


There are two ways you can go about these, however. The first way is the cliche one. For instance, if you are dressed up, choose a comfy corner near the fireplace, adjust your camera and take a nice picture, like the one you have on Christmas Cards. All proper and perfect. 

Here’s a list of locations in Toronto for great photo shoots.


However, if you choose to stay in your pyjamas, you can experiment with the location. You can choose your child’s nursery or your teenage daughter’s room. You can choose your lounge, the kitchen or even your garage. Basically, anywhere in the house, you want to. 

family photos during covid19

Have a candid photo session.

In fact, this is a fortuitous time for everyone, so it’s best to make the most of it. You rarely get to spend so much time with your family, so whatever equipment you are using, put it on a timer and place it somewhere everyone will be visible.  Here’s why we love candid photography. 


It is your choice to do karaoke, dance or play a simple game of Scrabble. Let the camera do its job and take those candid, happy pictures you have always wanted for your family. 


One thing that you can make your pictures speak louder with are props. These can be from last year’s Easter or something your child made in school as homework. You can also make props, especially for this photo session and take pictures while doing as well. That will be a session on its own. 


You can also use already framed pictures of family members who have passed away, showing your love and respect towards them, making this session into a memorial for them as well. 


Furthermore, feel free to take many pictures with your pets as well. They are after all your family and deserve to be in the pictures too. 


If you have dressed up in some costumes, for instance, a superhero, use the mugs, sheets and pictures you have of the said theme and use them to decorate your room. If you feel that sticking to one theme is boring, you can change between pictures from one theme to another as well. That might take double the time, but you will end up with a lot more pictures, all in different dresses and costumes. Read up onfun wedding photo ideas. 

Editing Applications.

There are so many applications on the phone that add effects to your pictures, change the background, omit red-eyes and crop your pictures, so if you feel like changing the picture according to your standards or likes, you can. 


There are applications for making collages, for adding and removing people in pictures, increasing or decreasing sounds in videos, adjusting lighting and pixels and even inserting one picture into another. 


All these applications are found online, and it will be easier for you if you have taken the pictures from your phone.