elf wedding studio
elf wedding studio


About Elf Wedding Studio

Elf STUDIO is built by Toronto wedding photographers and videographers with more than 5 years’ experience in the wedding industry. We strive for creating creative but also beautiful works for every couple’s big day. Elf Wedding Studio is Based in Toronto but willing to travel worldwide.


Elf Studio Wedding Day Photographer

Elf Wedding Studio tend to care and cherish every couple’s moments. With Elf Wedding Studio passion and crafts, we photograph every detail on your wedding when you laugh, cry and exchange your love. Elf Wedding Studio will document your day in a genuine and creative way so your smile shall appear when you look back at those moments.

Wedding Photography and Videography Toronto pricing

Elf Wedding Studio does NOT list their pricing on their website.  

On the other hand, we have Focus Photography who understands that most people need time to warm up in front of a camera, giving more time for photoshooting, reducing the time pressure the client is experiencing and giving access to clients to all raw footage so clients can review them at anytime and use at their leisure under no pressure. 

Take A Look At What Focus Can offer for Your Wedding Day

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