DIY Wedding Ceremony Light Decor Ideas

 We all understand how crucial it is to establish the framework in certain circumstances. And, when it comes to your marriage ceremony, it’s one of the most important moods to set! 

Without a question, decorative lights play an important role in wedding decor and generate a romantic atmosphere. It’s among the most important wedding investments you can make. Paying very close attention to your wedding lighting, from fairy lights and lanterns to uplights and spotlights, can add spice, ambience, and truly attract attention to an extravagant site or make a modest setup even more unique.

There are several wedding light decoration ideas floating around the Internet, ranging from hanging lights for wedding decor to entry walks and immense starry sky. But, to simplify things for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most captivating and stunning DIY wedding decor themes that you must look at!


When it comes to open-air weddings, fairy lights are a great boon. Loops of overhanging fairy lights may make your venue’s ceiling glitter like the night sky.  Put strings of lights within the top or use them to make a tent structure. 

They’ll create the ideal wedding atmosphere. This decor will envelop your visitors in a delightful experience, making them feel as though they are seated beneath a starry night sky. Is there anything more romantic than that?

Edison o naked lightbulbs are a fantastic method to brighten your forum if you’re going for a contemporary look during your wedding! This vintage-inspired wedding lighting choice will let your guests feel as if they’ve been taken backwards in history. 


  • Charmed tree decor:

One of the nicest parts about having an outdoor wedding is that you can adorn anything with twinkling lights and make it appear as if you spent too much money on decorations. Decorating trees with fairy lights offers the event a really lovely look, and you may not even need anything more to make it more exciting!

Your guests will be wowed by these low-cost and beautiful wedding reception lighting design ideas. Depending on the height of the tree, you may require a ladder or climbing equipment. Make sure you wrap or hang your lights wisely.


  • Iconic chandelier of fairy lights:


A chandelier as part of your wedding ambience gives a perfectly iconic and exquisite ambience that will thoroughly amaze your guests. Then why not make it even more magical with a chandelier made completely of fairy lights?

 A fairy light chandelier will contribute a compelling touch of sparkle while capturing all of the charms of a classic crystal chandelier.


  • LED mason jar lights:

These wonderful mason jar lights are among the most lovely, romantic things I’ve seen among the cheap DIY wedding décor thoughts. The fireflies mason jars with LED string lights will light up the room above the dance floor or dining area with just the correct light intensity when you want to add gentle illumination to your wedding event.

If you don’t have the option of mason jars, you can go with empty wine bottles or jam bottles.


  • Illuminate your cake table:

The cake cutting ceremony is the most exciting part of any wedding, so why not enhance it with smooth lightning? 

LED strip lights can help you light up your mood and pictures when cutting your wedding cake. All you have to do is just place the strip lights of any colour on the corners of the cake table. That’s easy peasy and fantastic. 


  • Monogrammed lightning:

Customise your location with personalised lights for a glam effect and magnificent background. Put your initials and wedding dates in the lights to take it one step better. Place them behind your wedding cake or at the top of the table for a dreamy background.


  • Mix some lightning textures:

To beautify your wedding, don’t be nervous to use a variety of textures, fabrics, and lighting types. Many destinations determined brides and grooms, as well as their wedding planners, are not afraid to violate the rules! 

Try out some lovely wedding reception décor ideas, which include string light drapes, simple coloured candles, and hanging Edison lights (bistro lights), all at one venue, for a mystical wedding illumination set-up!


  • Make a lightning ramp:

In this idea, elegant string lights are strung along the aisle. They are one of the adorable and inexpensive wedding lighting concepts. Increase the brightness of your lights for a brighter path to happily ever after. Ideal for a wedding at night or around twilight!

In this option, you can use fairy lights or strip led lights. It’s up to you!


  •  Give mid-night feel with strip lights:

LED strip lights give a very subtle and moody feel. You can place them at the edges of walls, tables, frames and anywhere you want to. They will spice the mood of everyone present at the wedding.

Some FAQs:

What colour of lights should I choose for wedding decor?

Decorative lights should be white or soft yellow, with deeper tones like violet, blue, and red reserved for the dancefloor!

What should be the measurement of string lights?

When wrapping lights, we suggest using at least 100-150 lights per foot to two feet of the tree to be on the safe side. When hanging lights around poles or bannisters, measure the overall area with tape and add at least 6 feet on each side more.

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