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Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date After Rescheduling It Due To COVID-19


COVID-19 has caused a lot of devastation, especially when it comes to love. All weddings have had to get postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic. If your wedding is one of these, don’t get too upset. Every couple carefully selects a date, mostly one that holds importance to them. So it may be disheartening when those plans get ruined. However, there are still ways you can savour and celebrate your love for one another, even if the actual wedding didn’t take place. All these celebrations can take place from the comfort of your home, so you aren’t risking precious lives either.


Here’s what you can do:

Plan a date night.

There is a lot of sadness already looming around. In these times where “work from home’ is all the rage, most of us don’t even change our clothes for days. So this would be the perfect time to take a night to dress up for each other. Of course, all restaurants are closed, and you would not want to be there amidst COVID either, so plan the entire thing at home. Pull out that fancy dress that you bought for a special occasion, wear your best suit, not the wedding one, of course, and celebrate each other. Make a nice 3-course meal, dance to your favourite music. Some people even like to have a candlelight dinner. 

Hire your photographer.

Many couples had already booked their caterers, photographers and venue before the pandemic hit. Most of them haven’t received their deposits back, so use that money, you’re already dressed up so hire your photographer for a day and do an impromptu photoshoot. You can use these pictures later and maybe even display them in your future wedding reception. We at focus photography have come up with creative ways to do photoshoots even with this ongoing crisis. A porch photo session would be a great solution, where a photographer takes pictures from a safe distance. These pictures can build up your memories, and you can reminisce over these fondly later down the road.

Have a self-care day.

The entire process of wedding planning and having it get postponed can be extremely stressful. That is why it is best if both the bride and groom take a self-care day. It can help them relax and calm down and, at the same time, be an activity they share. Starting with a little spa session, then a couple of face masks, steamer, manicures, and pedicures. On this day, anything wedding related should be kept aside. Unwind with a good book, listen to some music or take a long bubble bath. Massages are also a great way to take the edge off, but instead of hiring someone, give them to each other. This can create a bonding moment between the couple.

Have a zoom party.

Quarantine can indeed get boring sometimes even when you have your significant other with you. That is why to celebrate your momentous day, do a video call with your friends and family. Pop open a champagne bottle or make your signature cocktails. You can even make some light-hearted toasts. Just because it’s not your actual wedding doesn’t mean you can’t feel special. Ordering a cake might also be a good and delicious idea. Cooking at home during quarantine must have been hectic, so order in, do a pickup and recreate the same wedding meal at home—all the while enjoying great company over zoom.


Can’t wait? Do a virtual wedding.

For many people, this pandemic brings about a level of uncertainty. They don’t know when things will get better, and their wedding will reschedule. If you are one of those people and can’t wait much longer, then maybe you should tie the knot through a virtual wedding. There are many aspects that go into that. You might even need to do the whole preparation yourself. But it is going to be worth it. 

Choosing A Platform

Similar to an actual wedding, a virtual one will need a location. Since you can’t go out and choose a venue, a social media platform or video call app will be your saviour.

Set The Mood

For your wedding, even a virtual one, you need the proper decor. But since you can’t hire help, you will need to do it all yourself. In terms of decor, you will have limited resources, but a plain backdrop and some fairy lights would be enough to bring life into the wedding.

Dress Up!

You probably already have your wedding dress ready, but if you want to save that one for the actual wedding, that’s fine too. Just wear a white slip dress or any formal white dress that you may have in your closet. You’ll have to do your own hair and makeup too, perhaps your makeup artist would be willing to assist you through it over video call, so there is no shame in asking.

Capture The Moment!

Don’t forget to capture all the moments. We at Focus Photography will be able to help. Figure out all the details beforehand.

Just because your wedding got delayed from that date, does not make it a sombre occasion. You don’t have to mourn over what could have been and instead focus on making it special for you and your partner.