Capturing love on the go: Tips for a wedding photoshoot in a car

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The wedding day definitely is a memorable experience, which is why a wedding photo shoot is an integral part of this celebration. The wedding car represents a symbol of the young couple’s journey to a new life and can also be an excellent location for a photo shoot of the newlyweds. However, in order for the whole process to go well and to be content with the shots at the end, it is necessary to prepare in advance for the photoshoot. We’ve done it for you and compiled the list of top five tips for organizing a wedding car shoot. 

1. Which car to choose?  

Foremost, it is worth starting from your desires and the general theme of the wedding. Maybe it will be a retro convertible, chic limousine or on the contrary a modern SUV, it is only for you to decide. The key point is that you feel comfortable. Primarily, you should take into account the size of the car and its functionality. Thus, it may be difficult to sit in an SUV with high wheels in a lush dress, and the lack of air conditioning in a retro car can negatively affect the make-up of the bride. 

 2. Is it worth renting a wedding car?  

This point is one of the most demanding in the arrangement of a photo shoot. However, the good news is that now the car rental market is overflowing with an abundance of cars for every taste and budget, which makes it possible to find the ideal option for each couple individually. 

There is a trend nowadays gaining popularity when newlyweds celebrate their wedding during their honeymoon abroad. In order to take advantage of the photos and experience the best drive in your life, renting a luxurious car is the right thing to do. For that reason, the dazzling scenery of Dubai can be a great spot for the shoot, as this city combines the largest car hiring market and gorgeous scenery with sunny weather all year round. Car rental companies provide customers with the greatest choice of automobiles, including sports cars. Take advantage of the most luxurious cars and rent escalade Dubai to feel your best and look sophisticated in the photos. 

  • Test drive is a must in order to be confident that the wedding day will go smoothly. Check the wheels, adjust the seats, so that you don’t have to do it on the spot in your ceremony suit.  
  • The most obvious step to check the fuel tank can be forgotten during the wedding rush, so make sure you’ve done this as well. 
  • However, think in advance whether you would like to rent and drive the car yourself or if it would be more convenient to use the services of a driver. This can not only save time on the vehicle inspections we mentioned above, but also let you free from the worries on how to build a route and where to park the car.  

3. How to prepare a car for a photo shoot? 

Yes, you read that correctly, not only the newlyweds need preparation but also the car. However if you have any wishes regarding the decoration of the car, you can contact the organizer of the photo shoot and the photographer so that they can find the details that will be combined with your wedding image. Another point to check is for those who wish to decorate the car with flowers or balloons, do the test drive to see if everything is well attached. 

4. How to choose the place and time of the shoot? 

Whether it’s the countryside, the seaside, or perhaps a city avenue — you always need to take into account factors such as traffic, parking zones and the popularity of this particular location amongst tourists. If you have a preference for the scene, it is best to discuss it with the photographer and visit the chosen spot beforehand all together. 

5. Working with a photographer 

Picking a professional photographer who can create unique and beautiful in-car shots is crucial. Think of your schedule for the wedding day and decide what timing would work best for you. Then you can inform the photographer to discuss preferences, maybe you’d like to capture the moment in the early morning or to have a golden hour shoot during the sunset. 

Well, above all, enjoy the process of your wedding photo shoot, as it is a unique moment in your life that you will remember for many years to come. Let yourself relax, keep calm and cherish this special moment!