Candid Wedding Photography Toronto


What’s the one thing that makes a photographer stand out on the wedding day among the rest? Taking pictures on the special day that are real. So to say, candid. Everyone looks for a photographer who can make the real happiness show in their pictures but not in a fake kind of way. It is the job of the photographers to capture the serendipity moments, the authentic moments that happen in between the special day and are so surreal that many of them even go by unnoticed. That is what the photographer should be able to do. That is what sets good photographers apart! 

candid photography toronto

Get To Know Your Photographer.

Many photographers merely do their job with the help of a tripod stand and expect other gadgets to do their work for them. A good photographer will always make sure to be a part of your wedding and enjoy capturing the moments as much as you enjoy creating them. This shows how emotionally attached they are to you, making it something personal and all the more special for you and your partner. This attachment obviously shows in the stories told by the photographs taken by the photographers. 

candid wedding photographer

Be Natural, Be Comfortable.

Many couples feel a little unsure as to how, if at all, they can get the candid pictures so effortlessly. Well, it is simple, isn’t it? It is very important for the couple to be confident about themselves because that shows in the pictures. With comfort comes trust and how much at ease you are with your partner. If you feel shy or awkward, at any moment, that will show; it’s all about letting go of yourself and enjoying your day with your partner. 

Furthermore, there is one thing that most couples tend to do and believe that it will make them look good on the camera. Contrary to popular belief, that is not the case. The more you pose, the stiffer you look. It seems fake and made up. What brings out the beauty of candid moments is how real they are. So, for example, if you keep moving a bit, laughing and 

basically, being yourself, you’ll be surprised how wonderful your pictures turn out. 

candid wedding photographer

Trust Your Photographer.

It is obviously, also important to trust and have faith in the photographer. If you are comfortable with them, you will enjoy the process of taking pictures that make you look and feel the best. If you keep going back to see how the pictures are turning out or how you want them in a certain way, you will just lose time and might not be able to capture as many wonderful pictures. After all, it is important that you have fun and make the most of your wedding with your partner. 

It is also important to keep in mind that little hiccups are inevitable while carrying out such events. This does not mean that you panic. Having a very calm and laid back attitude is very crucial to make your event spontaneous and fun.  Your photographer will know the best locations to shoot in Toronto. 

Your Photographer Will Get The Job Done.

Furthermore, it is vital that you let the photographer do their job. Understand that your photographer has been to more weddings and consequently has more experience with weddings and their artistry. They are in the business for a reason, and letting them do their job will just help you anyway. The creativity with which they look at things such as the lighting or the location might seem trivial to a layman. Allow them to be inspired by you and experiment with you. Of course, give in your suggestions, because after all, they are working for you and keeping their client satisfied and content is their top priority. 

Bring Your Story To Life!

For the photographer to make your wedding photography album personalized, it is important that they know your story; as to how you and your partner met, how was the first look, why you fell for them and even a little about your relationship. Once they understand you and your partner, albeit a little, it will be easy and fun for them to take wedding photography of you pertaining to your comfort level. They will be able to show the excitement, enthusiasm and love you have for your life ahead with each other.  

wedding photography candid

Let It Be Organic.

Another very important thing about candid pictures is that one cannot create them. It just happens. Feel free to talk about what matters most to you at your wedding photography team. Is it the cake cutting or the beautiful little flower girl or your first dance as husband and wife more important? Even though each little thing at your wedding photography will be special to you, there are certain things that are extra special, and you would want to especially remember. Talking to your photographer will help them make sure that they capture those wedding photography moments for you, exactly how you want them to be. 

Beautiful Surprises, Wonderful Memories.

Sometimes, even the little mishaps that you have been praying to not happen create a wonderful memory for you and your family. Only a good photographer will make a candid moment out of the cake that fell on your father-in-law’s shirt or make your baby nephew look adorable as he spits out some milk or captures the fall of your cousin on the dance floor. These might scare you a lot if they happen on your wedding day, but a good shot of these on the camera, and they make amazing memories that you and your family are bound to laugh on, years later. 

Unexpected moments are what make life real, and capturing the real and surreal moments is what good candid photography is all about.  Be sure to do your research before hiring a wedding photographer.