The Best Backpacks And Bags For Photographers In 2021

A wedding photographer’s bag is the unsung hero of the working professional. Photographers would be unable to perform their tasks without it. However, there are hundreds of terrible bags on the market. Let’s move past all of the noise.

Backpacks are a highly divisive and subjective issue, which will never go away. Everyone has their own favorite, since there are so many varied demands for what a bag should accomplish.

What We’re Looking For

Backpacks must be able to fulfill a number of functions effectively, and the requirements for each use case differ. A day-use bag, for example, has to be light and moveable; a travel bag, on the other hand, needs to be pleasant to wear for long periods of time while also being capable of holding more than camera gear.

Backpacks designed for adventure will need a comprehensive array of features, such as the ability to make extremely fine adjustments and an internal solid support structure. Wedding photographers want their bags to be sturdy and long-lasting while also being safe in all cases. Here is a list of Best Backpacks and Bags by Focus Toronto wedding photographer to help you find the best for you:

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2


  • 20L is $260
  • 30L is $290

The “day-use,” or carry-on, backpack is the most popular style and thus the most manufacturers compete to capture your attention. It’s also the category with the most compromises made to appeal to a wide range of photographers, making it difficult to discover one bag that meets every need for every conceivable situation.

Picking Peak Design may appear to be a cop-out, but our Toronto wedding videographers keep coming back to my Everyday Backpack after years of testing various bags from a variety of manufacturers.

Shimoda Action X70


  • $500
  • includes the extra-large photo core

Focus Wedding Photographer team state that if you’re not an adventurous photographer and videographer, it’s likely that you don’t fully comprehend the craze surrounding Shimoda’s products. If you are, then you’ll appreciate how flexible, durable, modular, pleasant, and usable Shimoda packs are. That is essentially all there is to it: high utility for a very limited use scenario.

The Action X70 is light when empty, has an internal sturdy frame that evenly distributes weight across the back of the user, adjustable shoulder straps (a must), robust waist straps, and a detachable modular core system ( great for storing those precious mirrorless cameras ) that allows it to be customized to any type of photographer’s excursion.

Shimoda Explore V2


  • 25L is $372
  • 30L is $384
  • 35L is $400

It should come as no surprise that Shimoda Adventure nails the idea of adventure. The Explore series is completely new, and it perfectly captures the essence of the Action X70 while also streamlining it for easier carrying. Build quality and modularity remain outstanding, but in a package that is considerably more transportable.

It’s sturdy, comfy, and looks good while going from place to place. The manufacturer made a few modifications to the design that have made it ideal for Photographers.

The bag is lightweight when empty and can hold just enough camera equipment to satisfy a photographer who likes to travel light but also still keeps enough room for a few other basic essentials.

Think Tank Airport International V3

Price: $400

The Neato has established itself as one of the most popular rolling bags on the market. The firm actually produces a line of respectable rollers, although the International V3 is probably the finest choice for most people. It’s ideal for traveling and can handle a lot of camera gear while remaining durable.

Wandrd HEXAD Access Duffel Backpack


  • $260 for the bag alone
  • $328, which includes one essentials bag and a camera cube

Focus Wedding photographer Toronto team state that The duffel category is difficult to evaluate, and while Peak Design and Shimoda have products that technically meet the requirements, Wandrd stands out as the most adaptable. If you’re searching for one bag that can hold everything for a multi-day trip without wearing it on your shoulders, duffels are an excellent option.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

Price: $60

The Tech Pouch’s level of organization frees up a lot of mental energy for photographers. It’s a simple bag, but it’s well-made that it deserves a shout out.

The exterior of the pouch is made of a non-pilling, long-lasting material that doesn’t attract pet hair or dust like small bags such as this do, and the interior is split into two major parts with a central divider to store five more. From the second you open the pouch, all seven of these compartments may be seen at once.

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