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is it worth the price?


Wedding Photography Toronto pricing

Price Range : $8000 for photography and videography

AGI studio do NOT list their pricing online. 



Wedding Photography Website

In terms of the overall website analysis, we invited our Rank By Focus team to look through Agi studio’s website to see to what are some things we can learn from their success.  The first-and-foremost take away was how mobile-friendly their website is.  This means their page was designed with responsiveness in mind while keeping fonts at a legible size for users to interact with.  


From a user interface and user experience perspective, the website is crowded and filled with content that might confuse users. This will result in a high bounce rate, with a low conversion chance. 



A straight forward contact form, with easy to access portfolio makes the user experience a simple and quick one. 


A Little Bit About AGI studio by john lin

Agi is a photography studio. It was founded in 2009 by John Lin in Toronto. Agi takes pictures of couples and weddings all around the Greater Toronto Area.

AGI studio is at 9030 leslie street in richmond hill.

The team of photographers and videographers (AGI Studio) have combined their years of wedding photography experience, talent, and unique backgrounds to capture the memories of your wedding day for you to cherish forever. They want to capture all the little details like a loving touch or even the dress so that when it’s time for you to look back at pictures, they will be as fresh in your mind as they were on your actual day.


AGI Studio by john lin, wedding photography and videography

AGI Studio by John Lin is a small business in Richmond Hill, Ontario. It is a one stop shop for your wedding photography and videography needs. AGI studio by John lin has been helping couples share their special day with the world since 2008.



AGI Studio is a photography studio. It has been in many wedding magazines and blogs, all because of the clients who chose us for their weddings. We have won awards from competitions in the last few years, including Golden and Silver Awards from WPPI, PWPC-worldwide wedding photography competitions.

AGI states on their website that they are committed to delivering the best possible work to their clients. This is why they only take a limited number of weddings per year so that they can give each couple the time it deserves.


Should you have 2 photographers by agi studio?

Why have one wedding photographer when you can have two?

Wedding photography has evolved a great deal in recent years. With the advent of new technologies and the vastness of our online community, we are exposed to more images than ever before. This exposure has turned photo-enthusiasts into self taught (and real) photographers, allowing us to choose and hire the style we like.

The modern wedding photographer is not afraid to show other styles; he showcases them in ways that highlight his unique approach or his preferred photographic areas.

There was a time when people thought that hiring two photographers for your wedding would be considered wasteful, but today it is seen as an opportunity to add more variety to your final images.

The most common approach is for each of the wedding photographers to be assigned certain moments or events, allowing them complete artistic freedom in how they record them.

For example, one of the photographers might focus on candid shots of guests and close-up shots while the other concentrates on details and posed portraits; this allows the client to have images of everything at the event, captured in several unique ways.

Another idea is for one photographer to handle the family portraits and group shots while the other takes un-posed candids of guests having fun; this ensures that everyone is captured formally with regards to pose and expression.


How much is wedding photography in richmond hill worth?

The prices for candid wedding photographers vary depending on the photographer’s experience, the time it takes to shoot, and if they charge by the hour or not.

The average cost of a professional wedding photographer in New York is $2,500 – which includes both shooting up to 10 hours (though most people only need about 5) and delivery of all high resolution digital images in a custom designed slideshow.

Competitors are constantly trying to undercut you, so make sure they are giving you the same service by asking for references and looking at portfolio samples of their work.

The price of a wedding photographer really varies depending on what type of photography is being done. Most photographers do traditional poses that look like they were taken in every other normal wedding. These can range from $2000 and up depending on the photographer’s experience, time spent shooting, and if they charge by the hour or not.

I think that this service depends upon several factors such as the area you live in and where your wedding ceremony and reception will take place. For example, in New York I know that the average cost of a professional wedding photographer is $2,500 which includes both shooting up to 10 hours and all high resolution digital images delivered in a custom designed slideshow.

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