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wedding videography 101
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Planning your wedding can be a difficult task because there is a lot at stake. Additionally, finding a videographer is one of the most critical parts of the wedding. It’s no surprise that you would want the most significant moment of your life documented in all of its glory. Can you even imagine not getting the right quality pictures on your wedding day? Everyone wants an impeccable video that they can rewatch and cherish for years. And for that, they need to hire an experienced videographer.

How much should I spend on a wedding videographer

Budgeting is an important part of planning your wedding. Naturally, your biggest concern for hiring a photographer or videographer will be, how much you should spend on them? This task may be a bit more complicated. Not all videography teams cost an exact or fixed amount. They vary depending on factors such as experience, members, or even types of equipment they use.

Similarly, there are levels to every photographer and his work. An entry-level videographer will cost you much cheaper than an expert level professional. A price estimate to keep if you want something moderate is about 8-10% of your actual budget. Moreover, you never know what undiscovered talent you may find even from beginners, so it is all about keeping a keen eye for skills and ability. Every professional once started as a beginner, after all.

It is crucial to keep an average price limit for each videographer to test which one is best for you. An Entry-level videographer or photographer group might charge you a little below $2000. Yet there may be room for a bit of bargaining. You might even be able to get a complete steal with some videographers under $1000. In comparison, the professionals can cost you from a maximum of $10,000 to a minimum of $3000.

Should I tip my wedding videographer?

There is no compulsion when it comes to tipping the filming crew. Needless to say, they won’t be expecting it either. Yet, if you feel like giving a little extra for their hard work and effort, it would always be appreciated. The tip can be whatever suits your pocket, but a good range is between $50 and $200. Given the chance that your videographer is the business owner, try to avoid the tip as they might keep it entirely to themselves.

Where do I look for a wedding videographer?

Looking for a videographer is no longer a hassle, thanks to the evolution of the Internet. A videographer is now a click away. You can find a ton of options available from professionals, amateurs and beginners that fit your requirements. It can be challenging to come across a videographer that is ideal for your big day. You need to find a crew that is within your budget and also provide a good quality video. However, countless websites can link you to the best film crew in your area. These websites provide convenient options that save you time. You no longer have to search through lists of videographers online to find the best.

Do I need more than one?

It comes as no surprise that one videographer can’t capture every angle. In contrast, two or more could give you more diversity in your pictures. Nevertheless, this is not always the case. Even a single videographer or a team is good enough. Unless you feel like you have the capacity in your budget to splurge a little, it’s okay to have a single team of videographers. Even a single person can often outperform a group, given how determined and skilful they are. Otherwise, you can add or subtract as you feel necessary. One thing to consider is that you can get every angle if you have more videographers, but a few skilled ones can compensate for that just as well.

What should they capture?

Your videographer will not be offended if you clarify what you want them to capture. Feel free to provide them with a wedding videography shot list. It would actually be of more assistance for the cameraman to keep track of what to cover. It depends on you who you want to remember looking back at your wedding video. Whose reactions need to be a part of the video to make you smile when you see it? Of course, everyone invited should be featured, but which moments should get the extra focus? Whether you want any behind the scenes of, getting ready, interior and venue preps or even the sentimental bride and groom pictures. It’s better to have a checklist to ensure the videographer doesn’t miss out on anything.

When should I hire my wedding videographer?

In most cases, if you start doing your research about a videographer after you plan everything else, you will be too late. With your wedding ideas, the perfect time to hire your filming team is as soon as you have decided on a venue. It will be better as it will not come off as short notice. However, It’s better to book in advance, especially if you’re having your big day during the wedding season when there is a higher demand.

How do I choose a wedding videographer?

Doing your research beforehand is always favourable when looking for a videographer. Read through reviews so you can get a first-hand experience of people who have already tried and tested that particular filming crew. You can also look closely at the style of their work through videos, photographs and slideshows. Some videographers have blogs and social media that you can scroll through to analyze their work and see what they offer. If all your research helps you shortlist some videographers, you can even meet them in person to see if your perspectives match. Every detail is essential. Moreover, if you don’t trust the Internet, you can also ask your friends and family to see if they know any videographers. Its always good to have a backup plan.

When should I expect to receive my wedding video?

Not checking over your videographer after the wedding can be frustrating. Yet you have to wait. You might be impatient and eager at first, but don’t let that become a reason to storm your videographer. Let the professionals do their job without rushing the process. You can discuss these deadlines beforehand, although different factors affect the videographer. So sometimes their delivery may get delayed. The editing process is very detailed and time-consuming. Therefore on average, it can take up to 6 months till you receive the final video.