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By the time you’re getting married, you’ve probably already seen a hundred different wedding videos and all of them following a very similar format, the preparation, the ceremony and the reception. Sure enough, it can get a bit boring to watch these videos which are practically the same. Always hire a videographer that tells a unique story. 


So when you are getting married, you want to stay away from that, you don’t want other people to get bored watching your video, which they will if it has the same repetitive format. What to do then? Here are some cool and exciting ideas for wedding videos, these can be for the ‘save the date’ or the actual wedding video—something that will really make friends and family enthusiastic about watching the video.

Proposal videos

Let’s begin from one of the best wedding video ideas. Wedding proposal videos have been a big trend for some time now, the element of surprise, the reaction and the whole act of it makes people gush and fill their hearts. Not to mention that every friend and family member wants to be a part of a moment like this one yet most can’t be, by filming a proposal video they feel a part of it in a little way.

You can even play the proposal video in the actual wedding at the reception, which is surely known to bring tears to people’s eyes.

The proposal can be in different forms; it can include kids, parents giving their blessing, it can have a collage of pictures from their relationship, or it can be a simple speech on how much they love each other, the partner knows their significant other, surely they’ll pick something the other would like.

Same day video

All the video that is captured on the wedding day seems fun at the time, but by the time the videographer has collected all the video, edited it and the final cut finally comes out. People have long forgotten about the fun stuff they were excited to see at the wedding. So what’s a solution to that? Obviously we can’t rush the editing process, but the videographer can make a small one day video highlighting some of the best moments from the wedding.
This can be emailed to the entire guest list the day after the wedding, so all the memories are still fresh in their mind. And that little video can possibly hold them off till the actual video comes.
If the videographer can manage it, the video can be edited and shown at the wedding reception so all the laughs can be shared with the visitors together.

Documentary style video

This is an idea of a video that can be used before the actual wedding day or during. The best way is to use a mix of both. Forget those black and white cinematic style videos; these don’t show authenticity. Show the real people. How? With guest interviews. Get the guests to send in short videos 1 min or less wishing the happy couple on their wedding, get the parents involved, the friends, family anyone who has a relation. Maybe even include their pets, if they have any.
Then, combine these clips along with some clips from the actual wedding ceremony, mix in some music to go along with their words to make everyone completely emotional and play it during the toast or the reception. Not only will it make the couple extremely happy to see the people they love wishing them, but it will keep the audience interested as well since they are a part of it. And why wouldn’t you be interested in watching a video that you’re in?

photo booth slide show

Photo booth slideshows

Another way to keep your guests entertained even after your video is over is through a slideshow. Your friends and family take hundreds of pictures in a photo booth, and while that is a nice quirky idea, the pictures are wasted after the wedding is over. So why not use them.
Make a nice collage out of the photos. One other thing you could add to this collage, is to ask your guests to send in any videos they took from their smartphones or cameras and add little snippets of those too, make a truly interactive slide show for everyone to enjoy.
You can truly personalize these collages as well, add different filters, modern music, cool transitions and even stickers to make it cute and creative to watch.
If you would like you could add snippets from older videos of the couple together, pair it up with a vintage filter and you have got yourself a wonderful slideshow.

Save the date videos

This trend has gained popularity over time, but it is still pretty new, that is the save the date wedding videos. Normally you would send a simple save the date card to all your friends which is good enough on its own, but it’s not creative or inventive. Some fun ways to really spruce up that entire process is by making it digital, not only is it more fun but it saves you the tiresome process of finding everyone’s current address and mailing them the card.
With a video, you can simply email it, send it through Facebook or even text it to them.
What kind of video? Well, that depends entirely upon you, your videographer can help you make a wedding trailer, a music video or even a movie-inspired video for your save the dates, to make them memorable and special.


There you have it, that’s the top 5 ideas for wedding videos to make them more creative, exciting and appealing. No longer will you be just another boring couple with a boring wedding video. With one of these ideas, your video will be entertaining for sure, and it will be the video the guests want to watch over and over again. If you can think of anything new and creative that will work too, just talk to your videographer about your ideas and they will help you film something that you will hopefully cherish forever.