Wedding Drone Videography : Worth it Or Not?

Are you getting married and considering using a drone for filming? You’ve seen YouTube videos about it. You’ve read something about it on a blog, but you’re still unsure of the actual aim, relevance, or usefulness of drone videography or aerial cinematography.

When it comes to determining whether or not a drone is required to capture your wedding, it can be hard to sort through all of the noise but Focus wedding videographer team has got an amazing guide for you.

What is drone videography?

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that include high-resolution cameras. It would be an exaggeration to call them eyes in the sky!

The practice of filming wedding video from hundreds of feet in the air as a hovering drone has been replaced by drone videography, which captures the event in all its glory. An on-ground person operates drones, who are able to view a real-time live preview of the camera feed being captured.

A drone makes it very easy to capture the entire wedding ceremony because it shoots from a great height. You’ll understand why the options are endless when you consider that an aerial camera allows for a lot of cinematic movements. There is no end to artistic expression when using a drone.

Drones are similar to remote-controlled helicopters that fly over the wedding site, capturing stunning aerial footage and photographs you’ve never seen before!

How a Drone Can Make Your Wedding Videos Cinematic

Drone videography can make your wedding video extremely cinematic, creating a new experience for the viewers. Here are some of the ways by Focus Toronto wedding videography team, they can help you achieve this:

1. They capture stunning footage from high above. This is a very popular way of filming weddings. If you’re planning to use drones at your wedding, it’s important that you have a very clear picture of what you want. Most times, drone videographers are also professional wedding photographers who can provide both services for your big day.

2. They make the editing process much easier because they are able to capture more footage, which means you get to choose from various angles without having to mount additional cameras on trees or buildings.

3. They can also capture moments that are difficult to reach, for example, the bride putting on her veil. It’s not easy for a photographer to get up there!

4. You don’t need more than one drone operator because you only need someone on the ground who is handling the ‘joystick’ to operate the camera mounted on the drone. You can also fly drones yourself if you have a license to do so.

5. Aerial footage is trending, make sure to keep it in your storyboard and shot list.  Drone videography offers more than just an amazing experience for your viewers, it’s also on trend! It’s easy to see why it’s gaining popularity because drones are able to capture footage that was previously only possible using cranes or some other manned vehicle.

6. Drones are also capable of capturing high-resolution images that look great on both digital and print media. This is something you can check out for yourself before signing any contracts with drone operators because most sites will provide their clientele with samples to base their decision on. Depending on the purpose of your wedding video, the drone operator will guide you to choose between stills or video.

Is it worth the price?

Focus Wedding videography team state that it depends on your needs and the kind of drone you choose. The type of technology used varies from one drone to another and so does price. If you’re looking for a simple solution for aerials, whether they’re stills or video focused, then it might be worth checking out shops that specialize in drones because these will be more affordable.

However, if you’re looking for something higher end that will give you more options then it’s probably worth the cost. You need to consider how these services are priced because some wedding videographers charge by the hour while others have a per day or per project system.

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