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Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Winter Wedding Photos


Contrary to many beliefs, winter can be a wonderful time to capture some of the most breathtaking wedding photos. The -20 weather outside can get a little rough. Although, it does provide the perfect backdrop to get aesthetically pleasing photographs. Winter’s essence brings forth many romantic feelings, intimacy, coziness, and a magical feeling from the snow. So, why not use these as an advantage to make the most out of your wedding images.

Welcome the snow

Weather is unpredictable, but you can always find interesting ways to incorporate it into your pictures. Sheets of fallen snow on the ground and buildings create the most awe-spiring natural background. It creates a sense of elegance and a magical aura in your photographs. With all the clean white all around, you and your partner stand out among snow’s whiteness, making your pictures appear unblemished.

Dress the part

Winter weddings allow you to get creative with some refined and exquisite accessories which can add flair to your wedding photos. A faux fur coat or an elegant velvet train. It can work to provide warmth as well as add a dramatic touch to the pictures.

Velvet is a beautiful fabric to create a grandeur look, so try to incorporate it in your wedding attire. The groom’s vest or a velvet stole can work to give some depth to the pictures while staying cozy with your partner.

Don’t forget the winter boots though, standing in the snow is difficult, these boots won’t show in pictures yet still keep you comfortable.

Lighting is key

During the wintertime, there are usually fewer daylight hours to work with. Thus, you need to make preparations ahead of time to capture the golden hour pictures. Start a little earlier in the day, plan to take the wedding pictures before the actual ceremony. This way, the astounding light is not wasted inside the hall. Since the reception and ceremony dont need daylight, so pushing them a bit later won’t be an issue.

During the wintertime, you don’t have to worry about harsh light ruining your pictures, either. The sun won’t be beaming down on you, ruining your perfect makeup.

The winter gives the perfect lighting, which creates softly lit pictures. It also opens up many different locations where you can shoot.

Location is key

When it comes to location, the whole city can be your playground during winters. Any park covered with snow can produce breathtaking pictures for your wedding album. Historic buildings and even outside the venue are used as backdrops for some gorgeous photos. Indoor locations are always a great idea during the winters. Yet, outdoor locations can make magnificent additions to the wedding pictures. You can discuss your picture ideas with the photographer. They will surely work along with your plans.

Bring forth the romance

What else to bring people together than the cold weather. Candle decorations set all around the hall can make the place cozier and make a beautiful background for pictures. The candles create a warm glow during the ceremony or reception, making you radiate on the momentous occasion. You can pair these with some wedding favours of pashminas or blankets to truly create a comfy ambiance. This comfortable environment reflects in the pictures from the reception and the ceremony.

Don’t be afraid of the snow

Pictures of the couple playing in the snow can brighten up the wedding pictures. Snowball fights can be quirky and eccentric. It can also loosen them up before the ceremony. Don’t be afraid of the snow; it’s just frozen water. It won’t ruin the wedding dress or made-up hair. It acts as a prop for you and your partner to play around and have fun pictures among the posed ones.

Cuddle up

Use the cold weather as the perfect excuse to cuddle up and take some intimate pictures between you and your significant other. Cuddle up underneath a warm blanket and allow your photographer to capture your precious moments together. Candid cuddling pictures also allow for some remarkable images that you will cherish later. If you have a fireplace at your venue, it can provide the perfect spot to snuggle up after the reception. Your photographer will be sure to save those moments in pictures.

Winter colours

Take advantage of the white winter wedding by going all out with the dark winter colours. Mulberry, maroons and browns give a contrast to the white snowy background in your pictures. Since the background is so pure and exquisite, it allows you to go heavier with your makeup choice. You can even select a wedding dress other than white, and it will truly stand out in the wedding photographs. Incorporating these colours in your wedding decor can also create a unique wedding backdrop. These non-traditional colours will make your photos one of a kind and exciting.

Winter first look

Your first look is a crucial moment on the wedding day—what better way to capture it than outside, amidst the snow. The snowy exterior creates a wonderful backdrop for that emotional moment. There are no distractions outside in the snow so, the photographer can keep the attention towards the couple.

Winter flowers

Winter brings with it some beautiful seasonal flowers. These added to the wedding bouquet can look marvellous. It allows for some creative pictures and gives a new variety of options to choose from. Pictures with a wedding wreath is a trendy photo idea that many couples use. However, if you want something different, you could opt for white blooms or green protea. These add an interesting aspect in the white winter wonderland.

To sum it up, your winter wedding pictures can encapsulate the true essence of the season. Your wedding pictures can outshine the rest with appropriate decorations and shooting styles.