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Here’s for those who are looking to create a checklist of all the shots you want and then tally with your videographer. The checklist should have shots from all aspects of the wedding, from the pre-wedding prep the post-wedding dancing, till the very end when the couple exits. The laughs, the crying and everything in between. Be sure to have the right gears for wedding videography, while keeping in mind that different lenses are preferred for each occasion. 

Let’s start with the pre-wedding shots.

Planning and Prepping

Contrary to popular belief the wedding prep is one of the most important shots to film when it comes to a wedding videography checklist. The prep shot list captures all the hectic, fast-paced anxieties and will provide a wonderful contrast to the reception shots. The prep video also includes all the transitions and beauty shots from the venue, to the landscape truly creating a divine narration.

  • Bride and groom ready.
    The shots should be from both sides so its best to get two people that can get both their shots simultaneously. The makeup, dress, the bridesmaids reaction the getting ready process will have it all.
  • Wedding party prep

Get some shots of the venue being decorated, a shot with everything set, the soft lights, the empty aisles create and ambience with your videography.

  • Exterior and landscape

A wedding video is a story, and every story needs those long landscape shots and the exterior of the venue. When the couple hand selects a place, they want some video of location as well.

  • Guests arriving 

Now the wedding has begun, and its good idea to get a few shots of people filling in the hall, getting to their seats, their happiness, the reactions, all the gasps and awes should be captured.

  • Bridal party arriving

The main event shot list has come, the bridal party needs all the attention, get extra shots if you want because you never know what will end up making the final cut, get them entering the location, holding up the bride’s train etc.

Say “I do” to the ceremony.

Nothing can be missed in the ceremony video shot list; absolutely no mistakes allowed. You might need a multi-cam set up to get all the shots you want, so be prepared. Check the camera battery beforehand, set up the tripod get ready for the most challenging part of the entire wedding.

  • Decorations, close-ups
    The videographer should know beforehand of all the important relatives like the mother, father, siblings of the couple so they can capture close up shots of them.
  • Musicians performing
    Music is obviously an important part of the whole ceremony, them playing before the vows, after and the musicians playing the couples song should be the topmost priority.
  • Groom waiting at the alter
    This is shot id of utmost importance; the groom waiting would most preferably be captured on a tripod while the handheld camera gets the bride walking down the aisle.
  • Flower girl
    The flower girl and the ring bearer usually give the most cutest and genuine shots of laughter and pure delight which can’t be missed.
  • Professional
    The professional video should be smooth flowing without a hitch, get everyone involved, without too many cuts, and it will look splendid.
  • Vows
    If you miss the vows, you might as well quit now. Vows one of the most important moments that the couple will watch to rewatch long after the wedding is over. So getting that bit on video is crucial. Get this moment from multiple angles so they can be pieced together to get the most of occasion.
  • Exchanging of rings
    Here, get separate shots of the rings and close-ups of the bride and groom putting them on each others fingers Along with that capture any laughs or cries from the guests.
  • First kiss
    This is another awe moment you will want to get from multiple angles, get close-ups and long shots, and them getting introduced as a married couple with the audience cheer.
  • Leaving the venue
    As you got the shot of them entering, get the shot of them leaving as well, make sure to get them walking out completely from the hall, capture their joy and laughter through the time.

Let the Celebration begin.

Now that the ceremony is over and the true part has begun, here you will get the most wild-cards wedding videography checklist, so be prepared for this shot list. People are drunk and loose, and many mishaps or happy accidents can occur, always stay alert to get them on video. It’s not all dancing and eating though, there are some very meaningful scenes that take place too, and it’s your job to make them appear seamless and elegant.

  • Reception venue

You got the shots of the wedding venue, so why would you miss out on the one of the reception, preferably get the shots before the guests arrive, the exterior shots, the interior, the decor everything inch of the hall should be on video.

  • tables/menu/bar/food

When getting those shots, remember to get the place setting cards, the table decor, menu card and even the decor of the bar. Food is another important aspect to put on video you never know when it might be needed, so better be on the safe side.

  • First dance and last dance

The first and last dance of the couple needs to be present of video. It is much harder to get the movement with just pictures, so the video is absolutely required to get the flow of their dance. After they are done, get all the other important dances as well, such as the parents dance, guest dance and anniversary dances.

  • Toasts

The toasts can be sentimental and hilarious, they bring humour to the otherwise sweet wedding video, so get the entire thing, and you can later cut out the funny bits and add them to the final video.

  • Cake cutting/bouquet and garter

Finally, you must capture the cake cutting, the throwing of the bouquet and the garter toss. Get multiple shots for each of these, as this is the point where most of the hilarity ensues, so its best to capture the best moments.

This is where the entire ordeal comes to an end, a tip to keep in mind while shooting is, always get more shots than you think you need. You can cut in the final dit, but you cant add the missed shots, so be careful with that, and you’ll have yourself a wedding video straight out of a movie.

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