marketing tips for wedding videographer

marketing tips for videographers

Being a wedding videographer in this day and age can be really stressful. With the industry being flooded with so many of us may be nerve-wracking for some. Lately, there has been so much competition in the industry that it feels like if you don’t have something unique to offer you will drown in the sea of videographers out there. With that said, every wedding videographer needs to step up their game and be noticed or grab the attention of your clients to survive. 

No this doesn’t mean you have to go all Hunger Games on the industry, it just means that you need to do a few simple tricks to up your game. 


The one and only main aim that a wedding videographer has is to book more gigs. And that is what you strive to do every wedding season. Now, this doesn’t come as a surprise that when the new leaves and flowers start blooming so does the pressure on you. The only thing that can help you with this is to upgrade your marketing strategy.


So how do you do that? Well, let me tell you a few simple tricks that you can do to really revamp your marketing strategy. This will definitely help you book more gigs this wedding season.

Give your self a fresh look.

Now we all know that first impressions are everything, so how do you make your first impression on the client the best it can be? First thing is ALWAYS DRESS PROFESSIONALLY at an event.  We can’t over stress why a professional wedding photographer and videographer should always dress in all black during weddings. 


Next, think about your website. In the present era, everyone who wants something will look for it online. So you have to make sure your online business presence is on point. This means that your old website is not going to cut it. Time for a little upgrade. Think about all the beautiful pictures you have taken over the years. Incorporate those in and better yet feature 1 or 2 in the very front. Remember, this is the face of your business—this what everyone wants to see. Next, think about the color scheme. Obviously, where a wedding is concerned, no one is looking for bright and bold colors. Try to avoid them and go for a more elegant tone, or even consider using Luts to color grade. 


Think of this like reading your clients mind. Try to picture what they have in their mind when they think of a wedding. White obviously! Go for that. But accents are important too. Try to put gold, silver, lavender, and pastel pink in the mix. If your website resembles a wedding theme, they are bound to look further. No matter if you have anything to do with colors or not.
You also need to make sure your website is up to the mark in terms of speed and user friendly-ness. Invest in building a website that doesn’t take too long to load is quick and easy-going. It’s important to note that you cannot lose your customer’s interest. Because if you do, then that’s it. Game over!

Be upfront about everything!

Now this trick is also one of the most important ones. You need to be honest and upfront with the customer at all times. It’s rule number one of business. Try to print portfolios and brochures that explain all your services and do not confuse your client. Be open about your charges and give details about exactly what services you will be offering. Give them all the available options for payment as well as any extra charges that might be involved. You should also have a soft copy of this so you can send it to them which they can refer back to when making a decision.

Facebook will be your best friend!

Yes, you read that right; Facebook! Let’s face it; Facebook has taken over the entire world by storm. Everybody has a Facebook these days, so why not use it to your advantage. Get your head out of those old marketing techniques and adapt to the new ways. Facebook is used these days for basically everything this includes marketing. Make a Facebook page for your business, and if you already have one update it. Post on it frequently, do give ways-the works! You may also want to invest in Facebook ads. Trust me, this will be a game-changer.

Since recently publicized, Facebook uses your current searches to show you ads of things you were looking for and this might be creepy to the customer sometimes its exactly what they look for. Use this to your advantage and reach all those potential customers using Facebook’s magical and very accurate algorithms.

Team up with wedding vendors

This is also a great way to market your business. Obviously if someone comes in looking for a wedding cake they are having a wedding and chances are they haven’t found a videographer yet. You can use this to your advantage. Talk to different wedding vendors for flowers, food cake, and even event planners. Figure out the terms and team up. This will really help you get business, and you’ll be booking gigs left and right.


Secret tip – Find smaller wedding venues, they have a higher probability of not having preferred vendors. 


Another great trick is to make friends with the competition. And no this isn’t the ‘keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer’ type of situation, so I don’t mean you will sabotage them. I mean really be friends with them. So if they are overbooked or get sick, they will refer their client to you. Hey, it’s not going to hurt to try.

Don’t forget about those bridal shows.

Now I know this might seem like a long shot but think again. Bridal shows are the ideal place to meet potential clients face to face. Trust me, you can make a better impression this way and might be able to sway your customer’s decision in your favor. So next time if there comes a bridal show pack your bags. And don’t be afraid to travel a little.

Well there you have it all these little tricks can really help you boost up your booking. And there are so many other ones out there but if you follow through with each one of these I’m sure you’ll be filling your calendar up in no time for this upcoming wedding season.


If you’re in Canada, be sure to consider attending Canada’s Bridal Show.