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Gears For Wedding Videography


Did you just get the gig to shoot this beautiful wedding and feel like you need to act and look professional? Did you scour the internet and read every article regarding gears for wedding videography and blog to find out every little detail and every tiny thing you might need to do justice and capture their special day as best as possible? You’ve come to the right place.

Here are all the gear you will need to videography that amazing outdoor wedding.

The star of the show-The camera.

Obviously, this gear for wedding videography is a no brainer. You will definitely need a camera to shoot the video. But make sure you have the right one. Look at a few cameras for the type of wedding you will be shooting. Is it an outdoor wedding or an indoor one? These questions will help you choose the right wedding videography camera and, more importantly, the right lens to videography the memories that will last them a lifetime.

Say no to shaky videos.

A stabilizer will really help you shoot that magical video without and blur or shaky hands.

And we know how nervous a gig like this will make you. So use a stabilizer to avoid your shaky hands from ruining that perfect shot. This will be one of the most important tools you will have in your gear.

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Make use of that tripod.

Now, this list is not only going to help you with the tools you need for that perfect video, but it will also help relieve the stress that comes with the vital job of being in the videography team.

Having a tripod with you will seem like a blessing during the ceremony and reception of the wedding. Carrying the weight of the professional camera for 4-5 hours no less can do some damage to those shoulders, and having a tripod to set you camera down even for a little while will take some stress of those hard-working shoulders.

A monopod will be your best friend.

A monopod is where your videography will shine. You can use multiple cameras to cover the entire wedding. Leave one camera rolling somewhere on a tripod and get close shots and clips from the monopod. This will give your end result a professional look—something you and the client needed.

wedding videography slider

A slider can do wonders.

A slider is another great way to stabilize your video while taking those moving shots. Talk about shaky hands? Don’t worry, though, with this handy tool your video will turn out fantastic and no one will notice Shaky old you trying not to move too much.

h4n recorder

Audio is important.

When we talk about videography, we don’t only mean the clips that we see. To savor the full effect of you need to use one other sense as well. Yes im talking about the audio. Now it’s a given that you can’t recreate the entire wedding with just the video, so the audio bits are there to help everyone reminisce a little while watching the video in the years to come. Heck, if we could make it smell like the wedding im sure people would take us up on the offer, but for now, just the audio will do.
Now for audio, you will need a couple different types of mics to record usable sounds that can be incorporated with the video, not just a bunch of noise. That is good for nothing.
You will need an audio recorder, something that is very versatile and has more than one audio recording option.
You will need a few wireless LAV mics and an onboard camera mic, and let’s not forget audio cables. Please, oh please don’t forget about those cables.

Think about The lights.

Lights play a pivotal role in any wedding. And while an outdoor wedding may seem like a dream in terms of lighting, it can turn into a nightmare if there are any delays and the sun starts to set.
You, as a videographer, need to think about all these things when going to the wedding and need to have lighting options that attach to your camera in case you need it, whether it’s outdoors or indoors. The best bet, in this case, is something nice and handheld like an LED.
You may also want to talk to your clients beforehand and prepare for the day in advance, but that goes for all the necessary tools, not just lights.

Make room for your videos.

Any good videographer knows that recording clips of the wedding can take u a lot of memory. And you want to capture absolutely everything maybe even more than once so you can later edit and filter out the clips that you don’t need. Because obviously time stops for nobody and if the moment passes, that’s it. But to capture absolutely everything, you will require a lot of memory, so keep extra memory cards in your bad. And always bring more than what you think you’ll need.

Keep that camera rolling.

This one item may save your life. Your life as a videographer, that is. Keeping extra batteries for all your camera is key when it comes to covering any wedding. Camera use up batteries like lightning. And to avoid getting into any awkward situations, keep backups on hand.

Do you really need filters?

The answer is Yes! Yes, you do need filters, although you can work around them, but that may only be doable when the wedding is indoors. If the wedding is outdoors, a filter is really going to help you get a quality product in the end.

The bits and bops.

On top of all that, here is a list of some little extra tools you may need. And you never know what might come in handy so it’s better to be prepared.
Always keep on hand a Gaff Tape, an Extension Cord, a Surge Protector, an Allen Wrench, a Screwdriver, and a Multi-purpose Tool.

So now that you have all the information, you need to go pack all those essentials and get ready to start shooting—that Wedding video I mean.

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