Best wedding videography lens

Best wedding videography lens

So you convinced your client to hire a videographer for their wedding! Congratulations!

Let’s go through the equipment our wedding videographers use to shoot amazing wedding footages!

If you are here thinking you only need one good lens that can do it all from outdoor photography to the vows and reception, you have got it all wrong.  You need multiple, just like our toronto wedding photographer and videographer team, but the real question is, which ones? That is what will be answered here. Which lenses you need for your wedding videography shot list and what part of the wedding they are appropriate for.

sony sonnar lens

Sony Sonnar FE 55mm

This lens is great for capturing the preparations and the ‘getting ready’ videos of the bride and groom. It is able to provide sharp video and doesn’t lose any quality. It even has beautiful bokeh, which creates a remarkable addition to the video. What’s even better is that this lens works perfectly in low light conditions. The portraits look amazing and give a softer and more natural look. It doesn’t make the bride and groom too obtrusive and out there; in fact, it blends everything in to soften their skin and look even more beautiful during color grading

Pentax HD PENTAX DA 16-85mm

Pentax 16-85mm

The wedding reception that our toronto wedding photographer and videographer team shoot has a lot of things going on at once. People are dancing, moving about and there is hustle bustle everywhere. That’s where this lens truly shines, especially in places where you can’t get too close to your subject. This lens will be able to take beautiful shots even from a distance. In the momentous first dance, this lens would fit perfectly with our recommended wedding videography gear to capture the most cinematic shots of the couple dancing, without invading their space and making them trip over. During the first dance moment, it can get pretty challenging to get the best video since there are various factors involved, the movement, the audience, the light etc. But this lens is able to handle all that with ease. It can do wonders in low light, so even with just one spotlight, it’ll capture the shot clearly. And it can blur the audience in the back, so the focus is directed towards the bride and groom genuinely creating a profound scene.

Canon EF 16-35mm

In the previous two, we talked about a typical wedding scene. But what if it isn’t typical. If the wedding is a destination wedding with grand landscapes or perhaps an adventurer wedding scene, you need a camera lens that can cope up with the conditions. This lens is water and dust resistant, so come rain or storm this lens will not give up. Be sure to pair it up with a strong DSLR. It will capture even those shots with perfection. Since this lens is an ultra-wide-angle, it will encompass the magnificent landscape and scenery that they spend thousands of dollars to get to. Not only will this set the scene for the wedding video, our toronto wedding photographer and videographer team use it to create a unique storyline for weddings. There is a slight downside to this lens, though. It is a hefty piece of equipment, and lugging it around throughout the wedding might get a little annoying. But if it’s something you can deal with, the lens is a perfect addition to your kit.

tamron 70 200

Tamron 70-200mm

We’ve talked about the preparations, the reception and even the outdoor scenes. But what about the vows themselves. The Tamron 70-200mm is a beast piece of equipment, so it is best if used along with a tripod. The vows and the actual ceremony are a little rushed. Every family member and friend wants to be a part of that occasion and capture it for themselves, so it can get extremely troublesome to get the perfect position and angle. With this lens, you won’t need to fight for the perfect place at all. You can stand anywhere in the hall and get a close up of the couple’s affair. With the tripod, the video won’t be shaky or blurry, and you can make sure the focus is on point.  Some other great things that make this lens a great investment are that it has a fast autofocus shutter speed and has vibration compensation to make sure your video quality is sharp with enhanced colors.

A hefty lens like this doesn’t come cheap though the price surely matches its stature, and while other models are available which do have similar features for a more affordable price, the best of the best can be found with this lens.

Sigma 105mm  Macro

Now, this is most definitely not a lens that you absolutely need, but this is just the type of lens that takes your videography skills up a notch. Shots with this lens can be great for some b-roll footage, some exquisite shots of the rings, the decor, etc. So if you have just thought of purchasing some equipment for wedding videography, this lens is not the most essential; however, if you are looking to upgrade your equipment and looking for ways to elevate your videography, then this lens is the perfect solution. So the choice is really dependent on your preferences for this lens.

Our toronto wedding photographer and videographer team just covered all the wedding events and the occasions within it from start to finish, but you don’t need to buy every lens to get the perfect video. Some lenses can work for more than one instance, and you can find cheaper options available with a few sacrifices. One thing to remember with lenses, though, is that while other rigs and gear deprecate and need to be changed every few years, lenses with good quality glass really don’t all that much so they can last up to 20 years. Thus, when buying a lens, it really is an investment that can last you a long time. These lens will create unique wedding videos that helps you land the next client!

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