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From the colors matching the mood and tone to the right angle for a scene, not a single mistake can be forgiven. To incorporate all these features, wedding videographer need some sort of editing software that can fulfill these major expectations.

Wedding Videography Editing Software Premiere Pro

The all in one premiere pro

Adobe premiere pro is the best of the best and has truly made a valiant name for itself with filmmakers and editors. If you can think of a feature you need, premier pro probably has it. Whatever the issue, be it color grading or the shots not aligning perfectly, Premier has a workaround. But perhaps the most important reason why it’s recommended by everyone is because of the Adobe ecosystem.
It’s no secret that Adobe is a big name with many different softwares out there. Well, all those can be integrated with Premiere. Photoshop, Animation, Audition you name it. So with Premiere, not only do you get the advantage of one but the actual benefits of all the adobe softwares.

Not to mention the clean and aesthetic design of the Premiere interface, which makes it easy to use for just about anyone. Everything is easy to find and use. Since the company is well established, customer support is incredible in case of any problems. The price is not bad either with $20 a month, which is nothing compared to the benefits it offers.

Professional editing for free- Hit Film Express

First things first, this software gives you professional-level features that could potentially be used by filmmakers for free. Is there anything better than that? It supports virtually all video and audio formats that you could possibly think of, so you will never have to worry if the file format is appropriate to be uploaded. With hit film express, you know it will be. But not everything can be just perfect in every software. With this one, there is a bit of a learning curve. It’s certainly no match for Adobe with everything being so simple.

Wait a minute, though; not all hope is lost. They have many in-depth video tutorials exactly for this purpose.
So, if you have just started out in video editing, it won’t be much of a problem for you; however, transitioning from any other video software may cause some roadblocks, so just be patient. The end result is absolutely worth the annoyance.

final cut pro

Final cut pro

If you are an Apple user, this software needs to be your holy grail. No other software makes remotely any sense. The only way any other software would be appropriate for an apple user is if you’re switching from a Windows pc and aren’t used to the final cut software.
It has been wonderfully integrated with the apple hardware and utilizes the features such as the touch bar to give an easy and smooth overall experience.
It even has a magnetic timeline which could be used to make the video editing process seamless. Not only that, but it’s actually one of the easier softwares to understand, so even if you’ve switched over, it won’t take you long to get back to editing quickly.

The disadvantages for this one are fairly obvious, if you don’t have a MacBook or a Mac pc, you’re pretty much out of luck, since it only supports apple and a MacBook air might not be hefty enough to Support the heavy software. The second is that it’s fairly expensive at $300 although it’s a one time charge, it can’t fit every budget.


We have discussed editing software for both Windows and Mac OS, what we haven’t talked about is a software that also supports Linux. So here you have it. This is another professional-grade software that can make the wedding videos from a 5 to a 10. It supports almost every video format, and you can even do multi-cam editing through it; the Lightworks features never fail to amaze its users even in the most basic version.
The selling point of Lightworks is not just the spectacular software, though; it has three versions available at different price points, including a free version, a $25 one, and a $450 one that is most used by filmmakers. How that helps you is you can hone your skills on the free version, build up your skills, and then upgrade to the paid versions. You don’t have to commit to a price upfront, but when upgrading, you will have enough knowledge that you won’t feel lost.


In the end, when it comes to video editors, you have many options, and you can always find some that fit your budget, your level of skill and expertise. What really matters is that you are able to capture the couple’s love and happiness through your video editing, and for that, many of the softwares here will go a long way to produce high-quality, sharp, and stunning wedding video.