Best Way To Copyright Your Music For Free

It’s becoming increasingly common for legal disputes involving copyright infringement to arise. There are several copyright infringement problems throughout the world, whether it’s a song or a unique concept.

Perhaps this has motivated you to think about how to protect your work if a conflict arises as a musician, artist, or creative. Let’s go through guide by Focus Wedding videographer team on how to copyright your music and other creative works.

How to copyright your music:


We recommend that before you can protect your work, it’s important to establish what rights you have as a creative person. The immediate answer might be “All of them.” Unfortunately, that isn’t really the case.

You do not own copyright for every image or song that enters your mind at any given time.

Instead, copyright protection is limited to a specific set of subject matter that is “original” and has been “fixed in a tangible medium” (elements that we’ll address later). The best way to think about what you own is as a bundle of sticks – some will be longer than others, but they work together.


The minimum requirement for copyright protection is that the work be original and contain some minimal level of creativity. Originality in this context doesn’t mean it must be without precedent or unique, but there must be something beyond a mere idea (i.e., concept) for a song or other creative work.

You do not own copyright for every image or song that enters your mind at any given time. Originality in this context doesn’t mean it must be without precedent or unique, but there must be something beyond a mere idea. For example, you might own the copyright to your concept of an app that aggregates local musicians’ concerts, but not the copyright to the basic idea of an app that aggregates concerts.


Copyrightable works must at a minimum be “fixed in a tangible medium.” This is usually done by writing something down (i.e., writing a song, jotting down notes). It also means recording a song or performing it.

Focus Wedding videography team state that this can be done in a variety of ways – for example, you could write down the lyrics to your song on paper, or you could sing them into your iPhone or computer microphone.

Focus Wedding videography team state that the recording doesn’t have to be perfect, so long as it “captures” the work before anyone has heard it. It’s also okay if the song is improvised.


It may be possible to register copyright for your work without getting an attorney involved, but it’s definitely not recommended. The Copyright Office doesn’t take registration lightly, they will deny claims that are incomplete or aren’t accompanied by the right fees.

The official Copyright Office website has an FAQ page that can walk you through the process of registering your work. You can also get more information on their online publications page.


Our team state that if someone is infringing upon your copyright, then you’ll need to decide whether or not it’s worth enforcing it. This is a very complicated question, and you will have to weigh all of the factors that go into your decision.

In general, it is not necessary to prove the infringement was intentional in order for there to be liability for copyright infringement. In other words, you can enforce your copyright even if someone didn’t know they were violating it. If the infringing party is found liable for infringement, wedding cinematographer team thinks that you can get damages and possibly attorney’s fees as well.

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