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Assert some of the finest LUT’s to suit your cinematic style here’s a list of some of the most popular LUT’s packs for today’s trends;

Colour Grading Central 36 Free LUT’s

This is number 1 on the list for a reason, with about 36 free LUT’s in stock for you but, most importantly, the gem of them all, the M31. Created by a professional himself who’s worked at a large scale to understand color grading, this will be the tool to make your photographs and videos stand out more vibrant than ever before. This also includes free LUTs that have 21 utility LUTs. Any assistance for free? That already sounds a 100 times better to me. But the fact that it’s used to convert your clip for Rec709 is a challenge aborted on its own. Another perk of this is it contains 15 stylized LUTs that were based on the impression of movie looks.

Cineplus KinoLUT

Bringing to you even greater visual selection of 45 LUT’s to pick out what ambiance you want to create. In REC709 and LOG spaces, your resolution will be spot on. A good variety of some of the most famous Hollywood themed LUT’s your videos will make quite the impression. You will have more room for creativity and expressing yourself through your product. “THE most flesh-friendly orange/teal LUT” by Karin Gottschalk of Planet5D is one you wouldn’t wanna miss out on.

LUTs Pack 100+

Who doesn’t love experimenting? With over a 100 LUT’s this bundle is great to get those creative juices flowing. Trying different tones for color grading and going out of your comfort zone never felt more safer since it’s pocket friendly. These absolutely free LUT packs can work with Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, and even Photoshop. 

PremiumBeat 17 Free LUTs

Do the old classic movies cinematography ever inspire you to do something similar? This pack will help you achieve just that—17 free packs for you to select your best frame. The free wanderlust pack from PremiumBeat is a good option to check out once you’re there.

RocketStock 35 Free LUTs

You have 35 free LUT’s to begin with, which are 3D.CUBE files. There’s a lot you can do with this particular LUT collection; whether you’re looking for something retro, classic or antique, there’s a look for every era of time. It is also supported by a variety of video editing softwares. If you’re still concerned if yours is on the list, here’s a few of them, After Effects, Premiere Pro CC, NLEs and color grading applications, FCPX, CC, and DaVinci Resolve.

Vanessa & Ivo’s Wedding LUTs – SB Pack by Film Grade

The name gives off some of the types of LUT’s you will find in this group. Offering you about nine tones and three black and white monotones is a good start to add some diversity to your editing skill set. It’s a unique approach to film wedding clips and pictures. With beautiful ivory white to some hues of color, it really adds the missing pieces back to your work of art.

IWLTBAP Film Tones LUTs Collection

Don’t forget to appreciate the 20 original LUT’s that give you a great chance at finding your specialty. IWLTBAP Film Tones’s LUT collection has number of multi-purpose and different color grading schemes to allow you to have maximum exposure of contrast and variation. Categories ranging from summer to winter and spring, the colors and tones are fit to adjust any of the different situations that you want it to adapt to. There isn’t anything you will feel short of with this lot.

GoPro LUTs Color-Grading Pack

Now let’s say you have some footage that isn’t filmed on a boring old camera lens, and instead, it has its own selection of shots from drones, Go pros or other tech-savvy zoom out tools we have on the market lately. This is a kit for editing all those shots without making them look overly edited or tacky, especially for those long travel vlogs and sports footage. You know what’s real, assuring to me that it’s compatible with a whole lot of editing applications. So you no longer have to go through any extra hassle.

And that’s just some of the hundreds and thousands you can find to perfect your editing skills. It’s definitely an upgrade from what basic tools you would use before, isn’t it? Using these packs wisely is going to get you a result that you will cherish for quite a while. It’s a story you’re telling, after all, it should be worth all the high definition details that make it all the more realistic. With different color gradients, every movie or picture will have its individuality.