6 DSLR Video Tips That Will Dramatically Improve Your Work And The Best Entry Level DSLR Today!

DSLR video techniques are not technical in nature, but rather basic, focusing on fundamental concepts that may help you improve your pictures. Focus Wedding videographer team state that following these five standards will not only enhance the cinematic quality of your work, but also significantly increase its overall quality.

1. Know Your Camera’s Limitations

Understanding your camera’s limits is one of the first steps in obtaining the finest image possible. Not all cameras are created equal, so you’ll need to understand your camera’s limits. There may be certain features that are shared by all DSLRs, but for the most part, our team believe that you’ll need to learn, test, and shoot with your camera as often as you can.

Some DSLRs are exceptional in low light, but have limited dynamic range. Others are incredibly crisp, yet produce images with aliasing. You see the idea is to understand your camera inside and out.

2. Avoid Micro Jitters!

Micro jitters are probably the most repulsive feature of shooting with a DSLR (or any other camera with a small form factor). What Focus Wedding videography team is talking about are those tiny little tremors that may show up on your handheld footage, which usually don’t fully appear until you view it in post.

If you don’t take enough precaution in how you shoot, this issue can arise. Even the slightest movement in your hand may cause mayhem to the photo, so you need to be very cautious about how you shoot. Using a tripod or stabilizer is one solution, but your lens choice is also important.

3. Slow Pans Are Your Enemy

The slow-pan is a distant second to the micro-shake in terms of revealing your DSLR status. Every DSLR differs, but most struggle to pan at low speeds in 24p mode.

Focus Wedding videography team state that if you’re photographing with a lightweight camera, it’s best to avoid using too many pans. Instead of shooting one setup and making one take, shoot a second setup and make two captures rather than one to minimize panning if needed.

Alternatively, if you want to pan faster in order to eliminate the rolling shutter judder effect, don’t go over 60fps in 24p mode.

4. Master The Art Of Timing And Panning

The art of timing and panning is a simple concept, but difficult to master. You’ll need to have a strong understanding of your camera’s framing abilities when you attempt this technique because it requires accurate control over the intervalometer and the autofocus mechanism.

If you can’t get it to work, try manually focusing rather than using your camera’s autofocus system (a more reliable method). Wedding cinematographer team recommend to be patient and make sure to practice on different speeds and intervals, because this technique requires varying degrees of control over the intervalometer .

5. Treat Your DSLR Like A Film Camera

It’s easy to go too far and forget to treat a DSLR like a real movie camera when we’re so liberated by the fact that we can use our DSLRs in small places and unique situations.

It doesn’t imply you shouldn’t respect it as you would an EPIC just because it’s easier to shoot with your DSLR than a RED, but we’re continuously learning and testing the boundaries of these devices. Wedding cinematographer team state that if you’re using a DSLR to shoot video, treat it like a real movie camera!

6. Keep It Steady!

A steady camera is one of the biggest contributors to a DSLR’s cinematic quality, so keep it steady. You can use any tripod you’d like, but please don’t assume that your DSLR is capable of hand-holding for extended periods because there are just too many variables involved to consider that an option.

If you want to use your DSLR for extended periods of time, please consider the weight and size sacrifices necessary to maintain stability in low-light or high-action scenes with a kit lens.

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