Wedding Videography

Toronto Wedding Videographer 

  • Mini

  • CAD2800-
  • Full Day Chief Cinematographer

    High Definition Short Film

    Full Feature Documentary

    Raw Footage

  • PROMOTION - Focus 20

  • CAD3400-
  • Full Day Chief Cinematographer

    Full Day Secondary Cinematographer

    Short Feature Film

    Full Documentary Film

    Raw Footage 


  • Deluxe With Same Day Edit

  • CAD3900-
  • Full Day Chief Cinematographer

    Full Day Secondary Cinematographer

    Same Day Edit

    Full Documentary Film


    Raw Footage 

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About Our Wedding Videography

Congratulations on your engagement! Now begins the journey of scouting and hiring the best wedding cinematographer to join your wedding. Every candid and loving moment will be captured, and your story will be told in a way that you can relive it on a daily basis.

Focus is a team of professional and talented videographers, located in Toronto. We are eager to capture a love and romantic story. The moments you will be experiencing together with your family and friends, are our core mission on one of the happiest day of your life.


Our belief is to capture the natural moments of your webbing day by our videographers. Some of us feel awkward to be on camera, so our videographers are the best at making you feel comfortable. We have committed to honouring the unique moments and transform them into forever lasting memories that will be memorable and cherished forever. It is our honour to have the opportunity to be part of your celebration of joy and unity.


Each film is personalized to fit your style. It is a way to look back at such a wonderful celebration, to have a flashback of the memories of the moments and live through that day again. The best way to capture the energy of your wedding is through videography. You may feel like you are going through the same ceremony as other couples. Doing the same motions, and taking the same cues, that millions have done so before you. But remember, you are uniquely different from them. Your story is unique. No one else has the same experience you have. For this reason alone, we are passionate about our mission to document your story, with aesthetic expression and emotion to match you.


We are thrilled to meet you and hear about your story. Let us know about the details. They are the fundamental elements that build your relationship. In order to do justice to your relationship with a videography style that matches the couple, we need to know as many details as possible. We are interested in putting identify energy and a storyline that represent the real you, rather than putting random footages throughout your wedding day. We are here to deliver your story that can be shared to generation after generation. You deserve to remember the day.


Focus have experienced a rich diversity in cultural traditions from all over the world. With many inspiring relationship and learned so much from every couple, it is why we are excited to film your wedding!

Difference between one and two videographers for coverage

With packages that comes with only ONE videographer, it is POSSIBLE to cover for both parties getting ready, depending on the distance / timing for travel to both parties. In the situation where both parties are not far away, the videographer will arrive at the groom’s side first, using 15 to 30 minutes to cover what’s needed.
In the situation where both parties are far apart, we will have the groom “re-enact” the getting ready portion during the photo shoot period.
The Main difference is during the bride’s entrance to the ceremony, only one angle will be shot while shes walking down the isle. This is same for the reception entrance.


Our team uses Sony A series, Canon C-100s, Canon mark 3 to mark 5 series for cinematography. We also use steadycams, monopods, and also drones ( additional fee, also dependent on weather and flying permit ) for mobility.
For our audio department, we attached a wireless microphone to the groom during the ceremony, and also a recorder to the DJ for the reception speeches ( dependent on the DJ having an audio output )
In the rare occasion, a wireless microphone might pick up radio signals, it is always advised to have your guest turn off their cell phones during outdoor ceremonies.


It is dependent on weather / flying permit.
The client is not responsible for any damages to the drone caused by weather or flying conditions or human error. View our list of drone equipment that we use

what is same day edit?

Same Day Edits are edited on the day itself, creating a recap highlight of your wedding day ready to play during reception.
The client is responsible for the projector and audio. We deliver a usb with the digital files for you / DJ.
Same day edits generally span 3 to 5 minutes ( one song chosen by client )

Same day edit vs short feature film

If you choose to have a same day edit + short feature film, we recommend having the short feature film a different length vs the same day edit.
The short feature film length options are ( 3 to 5 minutes, 8 to 10 minutes, and 15 to 20 minutes ), we suggest choosing 8 to 10 minutes / 15 to 20 minutes option in order to have a different flow than your same day edit ( the choice is up to you of course! )
Same day edit and feature film generally feature the same clips, we encourage clients to purchase only one of it.

difference between a short feature film and full documentary

Short feature film consist a HIGHLIGHT of your day. ( Options between 3 to 5 minutes | 8 to 10 minutes | 15 to 20 minutes )
Full feature film is a CHRONOLOGICAL order for your wedding day ( Minimum length of 1 hour ).

Backup Equipment

Our team brings in extra cameras and backup equipments.
In the situation where camera error happens that is out of our control, we will use the backup camera, which will also be shot in the same resolution ( high definition ) for your event. Client’s understanding is appreciated regarding the slight time lost between transition of our artist switching cameras.

Delivery Format

Videos are delivered in high definition mp4 format, available for online download and USB delivery