Toronto Wedding Photography and Videography Prices

Toronto Wedding Photography and Videography Prices

  • Cinematography

  • CND2800-
  • Full Day Chief Cinematographer

    High Definition Short Film

    Color Corrected mp4 File

2019/2020 PROMOTION
  • Photography & Cinematography

  • CND$5000-
  • FULL DAY Chief Wedding Photographer

    FULL DAY Chief Wedding Cinematographer

    2 Hour Engagement Session

    High Resolution JPG Photos

    High Definition Short Film

    High Definition Full Feature

    Color Corrected Non Watermarked Photos

    Color Corrected mp4 File

  • Photography

  • CND2800-
  • Full Day Chief Photographer

    High Resolution JPG Photos

    Color Corrected Non Watermarked Photos

    Black and White


  • CND7899-
  • FULL DAY Chief Photographer

    FULL DAY Secondary Photographer

    FULL DAY Chief Cinematographer

    FULL DAY Secondary Cinematographer

    Short Feature Film

    Full Feature Film

    2 Hour Engagement Session

    12 by 18 Flush Album

    2 sets of 8 by 8  Coffee Table Album

    24 by 36 Canvas

    3 Hours of Unlimited Prints Photo Booth 

    High Resolution JPG Photos

    Color Corrected Non Watermarked Photos

Toronto Wedding Photography and Videography Prices

The wedding photo is an important memento of the day when two former strangers turn lovers have decided to take the relationship into the next level – to get married and cherish every single moment of being together as a married couple. It simply tells a story about what had happened on that day. It describes the every detail of the moment from the holy ceremony to the festive dances in the reception along with the faces of the important people in your life in their mixed emotion of happiness, delight and surprise. Truly, if there’s another thing that you will always wish to be perfect in your special day, that is your wedding photos.

However, you can’t expect perfect wedding photos if you will let the following wedding photography mistakes to ruin your precious wedding memento.


The Three Important E’s in choosing a Wedding Photographer

Guildwood Park Pre Wedding Photography
  • Experience of the wedding photographer and videographer

The advent of digital technology dramatically changed the industry of photography and videography. Many professionals quit the business of photography because of the challenge brought by the changes and evolution in terms of technology. Even though it has an adverse effect, digital technology also helped in improving the overall quality of the photo and video outputs. As a matter of fact, the photographers tend to be more creative on how they present the concept or wedding motifs and themes to the photo and video outputs.

Choosing a wedding photographer is very important most especially if you want to preserve and revive the beauty of the event afterwards. The photos and videos will serve as the constant reminder and remembrance of the unforgettable scenes that happened during the wedding day celebration.

Determine the years and length of experience of the wedding photographer. When we talk about experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the wedding photographer and videographer must be in the business and industry for decades to prove their worth.

Some wedding photographer and videographer acquire experience even before they professionally practice the craft. Aside from that, photography is a continuously evolving dexterity that needs more and more practice each and every day. What’s important is that the wedding photographer and videographer that you will hire know what are the things and factors that will the photos and videos look more stunning.

Albany Club Wedding Photography
  • Equipment used by the wedding photographer and videographer

Once upon a time, the only photography equipment available is the camera itself. No other fancy Schmancy lenses or lighting equipment. The photographers tend to stick with a certain technique or strategy that worked for their previous clients. As a result, the wedding photos and videos before look almost similar to the other wedding events.

Fast forward to the current years and age, there is a wide variety of photography equipment used to enhance the outputs. Because of this, the wedding photographers and videographers become more creative in taking different shots and angles making the whole photo album stand out from the others.

A wide array of a camera to choose from is available in the market. As a matter of fact, the cameras available and introduced are turning into magical devices to make every wedding memory and moments come to life.

Some of the most common cameras used for wedding photography are the ones from Canon (Canon Mark2, Canon Mark3s, Canon 6Ds, and the Canon 100Cs), just like the cameras used by the Focus Production team. Aside from a reliable camera, your wedding photographer and videographer should have additional lenses to capture and record the moments in a crisp and vivid manner. Some of the essential lens lineups for Canon are the 35 f/1.4, the 50 f/1.4, the 85 f/1.8, and the 70-200 f/2.8. Each lens has its own functions and features that bring out the best out of the details of the photos and videos.

Aside from the basic devices, the wedding photographer and videographer that you should hire must also have other equipment such as a tripod, video light, camera flash, flash diffuser, and the likes. Don’t hesitate to ask your wedding photographer and videographer because they are more likely to provide the things that you will politely request. And it also helps the entire team to come up with means to improve their equipment and services as a whole.

Paradise Banquet Hall Wedding Photography
    • Expertise and knowledge of the wedding photographer and videographer

    A wedding photographer and videographer are different from a landscape and wildlife photographer and vice versa. Wedding photographers specialize in capturing portrait photos of people and events. Turning a simple scene into a magical moment is their expertise.

    Remember that all photographers are not created equal. Some can be talented enough to shoot different kinds of subject, may it be for a portrait or a wildlife calendar, but, some photographers specifically chose the type or field of photography based on their expertise. Since the event that you want to be recorded is your wedding, choose a photographer and videographer that specifically offer the services fit for the occasion. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Ask the wedding photographer and videographer if they offer a trial photo shoot just to make sure that you found the best creative team. The trial photo shoot varies depending on the offer or package that you want to avail.