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Wedding Photography and wedding videography is the most important aspect of a wedding in Toronto Ontario. It is not just a part of the wedding day, but something that will help cherish the memories made on this special day. These pictures and videos will make you reminisce about the memories made and everything that happened at the wedding. For this reason, hiring a good wedding photographer and videographer is a crucial step in any wedding plan. It will be all the more convenient if they are a wedding videography and wedding photography team!

Although there are various famous toronto wedding photographers that make the list of “Good Wedding Photography” in Toronto Ontario, it is very important to have a good videographer. Someone who can capture all those beautiful memories of you getting ready, taking vows and even the hustle and bustle of the crowd at the wedding!

Here are some reasons why the wedding photographer and wedding videographer are to be booked together:





1. The style and aesthetic.

When a couple chooses a toronto wedding videographer and wedding photographer, it is important to have coherence between the two. Oftentimes when there are 2 different companies doing wedding photography and wedding videography, differences can occur. Since each company has its own sense of style for shooting and editing the final product is likely to look poles apart. Thus it is best to hire one toronto wedding studio company to do both parts. Thus there is a melody between the two, with a similar theme, editing style and artistic approach. With one toronto wedding company doing both, there is a sense of harmony and flow within the 2 mediums with both painting the same picture.

Every couple wants their wedding video and wedding photography to translate their story. With independent toronto wedding photography teams for both the final vibe can end up getting muddled.





2. Experience as a team.

Having a wedding photographer and wedding videographer from the same toronto wedding company gives a great benefit to the couple. The two creators are able to collaborate together much more efficiently to create a wonderful wedding ceremony in toronto ontario. As collaborators for toronto wedding studios, they can bounce ideas off each other, inspire each other and work together to create a spectacular finished product. There is no competition or getting ahead thus the sole aim becomes the photography and videography and their client’s needs.

With similar priorities and the same end goal, the end result will not suffer. With both the wedding videography and wedding photography artist working together, the result is an impeccable video and pictures. As these people have been working together for years, they are already familiar with each other’s techniques and their styles. They know how to work together to produce the best shot in the end. As they are in sync with each other, they don’t get in each other’s way, thus making them a compelling wedding photographer and videographer team.





3. Wedding costs saved.

A very easy way to save costs and stay within budget is to hire a team that already does it together. This means that there will only be one team to communicate with and there will be no need to go back and forth with separate companies. This will not only save time but save a lot of hassle as well. Booking different wedding photographers and wedding videographers will stop the couple from sharing the same brief and expectations multiple times between the two. It will not only cost extra money but time as well.

Hiring the same company can also help reduce expenses for a destination wedding. There they won’t have to pay extra for different hotel rooms, flight costs, transportation etc. A simple booking can be made for one team for their transportation and residence, saving a lot of money for the couple.

A single team is able to share a room, transportation and any other costs associated with the wedding. Thus, it can end up costing much less for one team doing both aspects than separate companies for videography and photography.





4. Ease of Communication.

As already mentioned, if all the vendors are a part of one toronto wedding photographer team it will be a lot easier to communicate and bring ideas to the table. It will also be less difficult for them to understand and implement these ideas. Since they will be working as a team, they can talk to each other about their individual strategies and come up with mutual points as to how to make the wedding videos and pictures look stunning.

With different toronto wedding photography and wedding videography teams, there are bound to be more clashes with opposing companies contradicting each other and trying to get ahead instead of complementing each other.





5. Prioritizing the wedding.

Once the wedding photographer and the wedding videographer are on the same team, there will be no competition between them. Neither of them would want to outshine one another and make the other look bad. Hence, both of them will be working together towards documenting the wedding to the fullest.

With the same company, both of the toronto wedding photographer and videographer will incorporate their individual ideas and prioritize what the customer wants. As a result, the pictures and the videos will appear seamless instead of individuals trying to highlight their personal knowledge and skill. It should be the priority of these vendors to keep the couple’s ideas as the main focus.





6. The personal touch.

Lastly, having a smaller team of only two wedding photographers and wedding videographer is much more convenient. This is because, on the wedding day, nobody wants a crowd of people hovering around the bride and the groom, telling them how to sit or stand, pose or smile. The couple would already have a lot on their mind and the last thing needed is chaos.

Having a smaller team prevents this chaos and makes the ambiance more comfortable. This team will be able to work efficiently to capture the wedding day without any complications. The whole team will be familiar with each other and benefit more by working as one team instead of two different ones.

Furthermore, trusting two different parties can be tricky. Booking the package with one team instead of two will reflect better in the pictures as each team toronto wedding photography and wedding videography member will be focusing on their own job and work together to create the most memorable day for the bride and groom.

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Highly recommend hiring focus toronto wedding photographers to photograph our big day and engagement was the best decision we made. Rocco & Tony are photographers that want to take beautiful photos of you and your loved ones even more than you do. Highest praises for them both. They are so fun and easy to work with! Made our most awkward selves look stunning in photography and videography on a special day in Toronto Ontario!
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I’d like to thank the Focus photography studio for their great service, hard working toronto wedding photography and wedding videography team and fair prices on my special day. We love the candid pics, the short video of our wedding and the albums turned out amazing. Lee was very responsive and helpful and Amy from the album department was really professional and caring to design our wedding photography and wedding videography / engagement albums in Toronto Ontario. 

candid photography toronto

Focus Productions provided photography for our engagement shoot and toronto wedding day. They also provided wedding videography for the wedding day. We had an amazing time with them, and they have captured our special moments on our special day so well. I only wish that I had contacted them sooner for some of the cultural events and the day I proposed.

Communication was very easy and the team was willing to accommodate to a lot of our requests and schedules. Great wedding photography and wedding videography people to have on board, and we hope to work with them again for future events in Toronto Ontario!

why hire a wedding videographer
I could not have asked for a better wedding photography and wedding videography for my wedding day in toronto! I knew from the minute I spoke to Lee over a year ago, focus team was going to be my wedding photographers. Ted completely captured exactly what I wanted, down to every detail, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about my photos! I would recommend focus to anyone looking for the most unbelievable photos for your big day in Toronto ontario!
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I highly recommend Focus Productions wedding photographers studio. Their service and quality is amazing so far! I booked a full wedding photographers package with them which included wedding photography, wedding videography, photo booth and engagement photos. Firstly, their rates are very competitive, and I thought totally great for all of the things included in the package. Tony was our photographer for the engagement session and he was THE BEST. It didn’t feel awkward and he was so great at giving directions and knew which poses I would find unflattering. We got the pictures back so quickly and I fell in love with so many of them there were too many great shots to choose from my special day !

For our wedding our photography videography team was Tony, Eway, Ted and Jack. All 4 of them were super friendly, professional and went the extra mile to capture every moment of our day. Many people commented on how great the day of video was and how surprised they were it was cut and edited so quickly and professionally. Once again, the toronto wedding photography team were SO GOOD at giving direction to a large bridal party group which we are so thankful for as I have been in wedding photos before where it was the same couple poses over and over again. This toronto wedding photographer team had awesome ideas with lots of variety that were fun and not just the “look at each other and laugh”. They also put up with all my crazy ideas and managed to fit everything into the hectic schedule. Our special day just happened a couple weeks ago in Toronto so I am waiting to get the wedding photos back but I am very confident they will be fabulous.

Lastly, one note on the photo booth. Most I’ve seen at weddings snap 3-4 photos in succession and you get what you get. I will say one thing that stood out was that you could see each photo and click yes or no so if there was a terrible one you could retake! I’ve not seen that before as an option so thought it was worth noting! The props were great too!

Focus was super quick to respond to emails as well. Look no further – book them for wedding photography and videography while you can!

We found focus after an extensive research. Lee, was responsive since the day we met him. He answered all our questions so quickly and genuinely – it’s clear he values the quality of his work and the satisfaction of his clients. Overall, he made the entire process seem so smooth and effortless. My husband and I were never stressed when dealing with Focus – because they knew what they were doing and had everything together on their end – we were hands free. Out of all our vendors, Focus wedding photographers is definitely our favourite and we have and will continue to recommend them to all of our friends and family on our special day.


Mohsin and Vincent (our wedding photographer and wedding videographer), both displayed an incredible amount of effort during our wedding day in Toronto. The wedding photography and wedding videography team both worked extremely hard, and were very patient and friendly. We received many positive comments from both families stating how friendly and approachable Mohsin and Vincent were – definitely a pleasure to work with. We were also very comfortable around them and felt very stress free during our special day, wedding photography / wedding videography sessions. These two are amazing – we have never seen a duo work as hard as you them!

Book Focus Photography in Toronto Ontario if you want a stress free experience wedding photos !